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Sophia-Learning-Art History-1–Unit 3 Milestone-3 | Straighterline. (100% CORRECT ANSWERS

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Sophia Learning Art History 1 – Unit 3 Milestone 3 You passed this Milestone 29 questions were answered correctly. 1 What is a major tenet of Pure Land Buddhism? CONCEPT Asian... Art and Architecture 2 Which of the following is an example of early medieval Carolingian or Ottonian art? 1 2 3 4 CONCEPT Early Medieval and Romanesque Art 3 Which of the following is a common feature of Romanesque architecture? CONCEPT Romanesque Architecture 4 Which of the following terms refers to the roof of a Hindu temple? CONCEPT The Hindu Temple 5 Which of the following artists created this work of art? • The Limbourg Brothers • Jan van Eyck • Hieronymus Bosch • Robert Campin CONCEPT Fifteenth-Century Flemish Painting 6 Which of the following architectural features is present in this image? CONCEPT Gothic Architecture 7 Which of the following is the correct title of this work? • The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry • The Arena Chapel • The Ghent Altarpiece CONCEPT Early Northern Renaissance Art 8 Select the true statement about Islamic art between the 11th and 13th centuries. CONCEPT Ceramics, Textiles and Calligraphy 9 Which of the following characteristics are present in this work of art? • Feng shui; triad • Shifting perspective; scroll painting CONCEPT Song Dynasty Landscape Painting 10 The area of the Alhambra shown in this image is known as the . CONCEPT Alhambra 11 Which of the following is the correct definition of "flying buttress?" CONCEPT Chartres Cathedral 12 Where is the Great Mosque of Isfahan located? CONCEPT Islamic Architecture 13 Which of the following correctly defines “Pantocrator?” CONCEPT Byzantine Art and Architecture 14 Which of the following is NOT part of the cultural context of the early Renaissance? • Rise of princely courts and artistic patronage • Spread of humanism • Growing emphasis on individual achievement • Decreasing emphasis on naturalism in human figures CONCEPT The Early Renaissance in Florence What is the correct term for individual burial chambers in Christian catacombs? CONCEPT Early Christian Art and Architecture 16 Select the type of media that corresponds to this work of art. • Oil painting • Fresco CONCEPT Evaluating Works of Art 17 The plan of Santa Costanza stems from it being a(n) before it was a church. Instead of a nave, it has a walkway along the outer edge, known as an ambulatory. CONCEPT Early Churches 18 Which of the qualities listed below are present in Lorenzetti's Peaceful City from Effects of Good Government in the City? CONCEPT Late Gothic/Early Renaissance in Italy Which of the following terms are associated with Byzantine art or architecture? CONCEPT Icons and Iconoclasm Which of the following terms refers to a type of Chinese architecture based on the form of a stupa? CONCEPT Chinese Buddhist Art and Architecture Which of the terms below describe this image of the sarcophagus lid from the tomb of Lord Pacal? CONCEPT The Maya 22 What is the title of this work of art? CONCEPT Images of Christ 23 Which of the following was Brunelleschi's design solution to the problem of building a huge dome on the Cathedral of Florence? Developing an ogival dome using pointed arches • Focusing on a strong archivolt and jamb to bear the weight • Using rounded arches to promote Classical rationality • Deploying flying buttresses to stabilize the walls CONCEPT Early Renaissance Architecture 24 Which of the answer choices correctly identifies this type of sculptural grouping? CONCEPT Art and Architecture of Buddhism in Japan 25 Which of the pre-Columbian sites below is located in South America? CONCEPT South America 26 Assess this image of Lord Pacal and select the statement that is true. CONCEPT Art and Architecture of Ancient American Civilizations 27 Which of the following is the name of the society that produced this sculpture? The Moche CONCEPT The Ancient Americas 28 Select the FALSE statement about Islamic art. CONCEPT Islamic Art 29 Which historical event is the primary subject of this work of art? CONCEPT Romanesque Art [Show More]

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