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EKG Final Exam Review | Graded A+ How can cardiac output be calculated? Correct Answer: Stroke volume multiplied by heart rate Briefly explain the Excitability properties of cardiac cells. Corr... ect Answer: Ability of the cells to respond to electrical stimulation What node is the natural pacemaker that generates 60-100 bpm? Correct Answer: Sino Arial (SA) Node The EKG Technician would place how many leads to the chest and how many leads to the limb to obtain a 12 lead EKG? Correct Answer: 6 electrodes to the chest and 4 electrodes to the limbs Lead 3 is what kind of lead? Correct Answer: Bi-polar lead What electrodes do you combine to form a Lead II? Correct Answer: LL and RA Where are the V4 and V2 electrodes placed, on a 12 lead EKG? Correct Answer: 5th intercostal space at left midclavicular line and 4th intercostal space to left of sternum. Which wave represents Ventricular Repolarization? Correct Answer: T wave On a EKG graph, which wave represents Atrial Depolarization? Correct Answer: P Wave What is a normal P-R Interval Correct Answer: 0.12-0.20 msec Describe a 3rd degree (Complete) heart block? Correct Answer: No association between P waves and QRS complexes Describe what a loose electrode looks like on an EKG graph Correct Answer: Loose electrode: Artifact caused by insufficeient contact between the electrode and the skin What is the diagram representing? Correct Answer: Sinus rhythm with a wondering baseline (Movement; poor electrode contact; Breathing) How many BPM is the following EKG representing? Correct Answer: 75 BPM Showing professional telephone etiquette includes what? Correct Answer: Identifying yourself and your department whenever placing or receiving a call. How many electroleads are used in a 12 lead EKG? Correct Answer: 10 Electrodes What would a "T" Wave inversion indicate on a EKG Graph? Correct Answer: Ischemia (Labeled a NSTEMI; Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction) What would be the duration of one large box on a EKG Graph? Correct Answer: 0.20 seconds What is the normal paper speed from an EKG machine? Correct Answer: 25 mm/second What would be the voltage of one large box on a vertical axis? Correct Answer: 0.5 millivolts What is systole? Correct Answer: Contraction phase of heart muscle Are Mitral and Bicuspid valves a pacemaker of the heart? Correct Answer: No 5 large boxes represent a heart rate of how many BPM on a 6 second strip of EKG? Correct Answer: 50 BPM The V4R electrode on a right sided 12 lead EKG would be placed where? Correct Answer: 5th intercostal space at right mid-clavicular line What combination of electroleads form a Lead III? Correct Answer: LL and LA On a left sided 12 lead EKG the V6 electrode will be located where? Correct Answer: Level with V3 at mid-axillary line On a right-sided 12 lead EKG what would be an appropriate location to place the V2 electrode? Correct Answer: 4th intercostal space to right of sternum Where would the V5 electrode be placed on a left sided 12 lead EKG? Correct Answer: Level with V3 at left anterior axillary line If a patient complains of extreme sharp pain in calf muscle during a stress test, what is this a indication of? Correct Answer: Muscle soreness due to activity performed during the test. Which electrodes can a telemetry monitoring device have to perform the procedure? Correct Answer: RA, LL, LA, RL, V1 Which electrodes are most commonly selected for 3 Electrode EKG? Correct Answer: RA, RL, LL Where would the V3 Electrode be place on a left sided 12 lead EKG? Correct Answer: Directly between V2 and V4 electrode The EKG machine records which activity of the heart during Holter Monitoring? Correct Answer: Electrical activity of the heart How do you calculate the heart rate max? Correct Answer: 220 minus age What would the heart rate max of a 37 year old woman be? Correct Answer: 183 When is Bundle Branch Block represented? Correct Answer: The QRS complex is more than 0.10 second with a notched appearance. What would a significant Q Wave be a diagnostic indicator of? Correct Answer: Infarction Particularly in Lead V1, V2, V3 and V4, a "T" wave inversion is a very important diagnostic and could be indicating what? Correct Answer: Wellens Syndrome What is the most striking and classic feature of serum potassium? Correct Answer: Peaked T Wave What interval would be prolonged due to Hypocalcemia? Correct Answer: QT Interval Performing a EKG on a patient who had a heart transplant has 2 Sino Atrial nodes each producing what and how many? Correct Answer: 2; PN-Native P Wave and Pd Donor P Wave What would be the heart rate of four large boxes between 2 P waves? Correct Answer: 75 BPM What would be the heart rate of 6 large boxes between 2 R waves? Correct Answer: 50 BPM While performing an EKG on a patient with a hairy chest, what would be the most appropriate action taken by the EKG technician? Correct Answer: To shave the area where the electroleads will be placed. To record the electrical activity of the heart, how many hours will the holter monitoring device be placed on the patients chest? Correct Answer: 24-48 hours On a EKG with Lead I, what area of the heart can be viewed? Correct Answer: Lateral View What is the result of a normal Q wave? Correct Answer: Ventricular depolarization The period for the electrical impulse to travel from SA Node to bundle of His is measured by what Interval? Correct Answer: P-R Interval What does a normal QRS complex have and how many? Correct Answer: 3 Waves What would result in a wandering baseline on a EKG graph? Correct Answer: Thoracic movement with respiration On an EKG graph, what would result in a 60-cycle interference? Correct Answer: Electrical interference from other equipment in the room. What would a Lead III Measure? Correct Answer: LL-LA A Lead I would measure what? Correct Answer: LA-RA What lead is placed at the 5th intercostal space at the left mid-clavicular line? Correct Answer: V4 What does the letter "A" symbolize in aVR, aVL, aVF? Correct Answer: Augmented Which wave represents Ventricular Repolarization? Correct Answer: T Wave What is determined with the calculation of 300 divided by the number of large boxes? Correct Answer: Heart Rate A 6 second EKG rhythm strip would have how many large bo [Show More]

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