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HESI 2021 EXIT RN LATEST VERSION 4 Verified Questions and Answers 2021 Revised

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HESI 2021 EXIT RN LATEST VERSION 4 1. SATA. Older male in ER has become increasingly confused in 3 days; nursing action? - Determine oxygen saturation rate and breath sounds. - Evaluate poly... pharmacy for possible drug interactions. - Obtain urine and sensitivity for possible UTI. 2. Pt. with bipolar disorder reports not taking his Depakote for 6 mo; nurse assessment? - Affect 3. Female pt. with pyelonephritis is concerned about dialysis; nurse best initial response? - Explain the relationship between chronic kidney infection, renal failure, and dialysis. 4. Sickle cell c/o pain in fingers; underlying pathophysiology for pain in sickle cell crisis? - Sickled red blood cells do not flow through small blood vessels leading to vasocclusion and ischemia. 5. Pt. at clinical reports new onset of pyrosis and dyspepsia; action has highest priority? - Instruct the client about the side effects of reflux disease. 6. Pt. bathing with inelastic skin turgor, large pendulous breasts, and a soft, flaccid abdomen. - Teach the client to dry the skin well between skin folds. 7. Which symptom is characteristic of ureteral colic in the client diagnosed with renal calculi? - Chills, fever, and dysuria. 8. Suspected GuillianBarre syndrome; which comment is significant to diagnosis? - “About two weeks ago, I missed a day at work because I had a bad cold. 9. Pt. with burns to posterior neck; which intervention to prevent contractures at injury site? 1 / 4 - Actively turn head from side to side 90 degrees hourly. 10. Pt. having anxiety reaction when crossing over a bay bridge; action to implement? - Teach client to listen to music or audio books while driving. 11. Assessing normal development of 9monthold; information to obtain? - Can the child sit alone? 12. Parkinson’s meds; symptom management requires a balance among neurotransmitters? - Acetylcholine and dopamine. 13. Pt. with SARS returned from China in isolation; which intervention in plan of care? - Require use of gown, gloves, and N95 mask. 14. DKA pt. on sliding scale regular insulin; intervention important to implement? - Confer with the healthcare provider about a continuous IV insulin infusion 15. Teacher thinks she is pregnant (neg test at night) but is on tetracycline for acne; instructions? - Use first voiding of the day for accurate results of pregnancy test. 16. Child with rheumatoid arthritis has a viral infection and fever/ taking aspirin for arthritis. - Stop taking aspirin and give different NSAID. 17. Pt. admitted with possible head injury and spinal cord injury; priority assessment? - Respiratory status 18. Caring for pt. with acute MI; observation warrants immediate intervention? - The telemetry displays ventricular bigenminy. 19. 2 day posttotal laryngectomy transferred to private room is anxious; intervention? - Answer the client’s call signal in person quickly after he calls. 2 / 4 20. Child with HF receiving Lasix with potassium of 3.0 mEq/L; important assessment? - Cardiac rhythm and heart rate. 21. Child coming to ER with hx of flulike symptoms for past week; equipment to assemble? - Mechanical Ventilator. 22. What script anticipate for pt. with increased ICP secondary to head injury? - Mannitol (Osmitrol). 23. Pt. is cigarette smoker and alcohol drinker is postcholecystectomy but tremulous, agitated, febrile, and disoriented; this is likely the finding of what? - Impending delirium tremors. 24. Pt. paranoia and homicidal ideation in ER saying daughter lives in TV; thought disorder? - Easily changes the subject. 25. Infant on Captopril for HF; which finding indicates med effectiveness? - Blood pressure decreased from 125/85 on admission to 106/60 today. 26. Pt. fell at home and is on labetalol and ranitidine; intervention to include in plan of care? - Frequent monitoring of blood pressure. 27. Pt. with mitral stenosis at 28weeks gestation; what investigate first? - Persistent cough. 28. Home care of child with cystic fibrosis; parental action shows understanding? - Gives pancreatic enzymes before every meal and snack. 29. Child admitted with possible nephrotic syndrome; parent statement goes with diagnosis? - “I couldn’t get my son’s socks and shoes in this morning.” 3 / 4 30. Pt. scheduled for laminectomy with back pain r/t intervertebral disk; preop teaching about numbness and tingling in lower extremities occurs due to? - Manipulation of nerves and muscles during surgery. 1) A nurse is planning care for a child who has scabies and he keeps itching… ANS: Keep nails trimmed short and have him wear mittens 2) An acute care hospital has a disaster something about an outage and a generator. The UAP asks the charge nurse what she can do to help… ANS: Tell clients to stay in their rooms 3) Discharge teaching to a patient with heart failure what parameter is most important for weight monitoring… ANS: Weigh themselves at the same time everyday 4) Patient with metabolic syndrome is going to start exercising what is most important to tell him… ANS: Monitor BP as exercise increases 6) Patient c/o pain distal to insertion site, what action should the nurse implement? ANS: Remove 7) A seriously ill patient that has a DNR is transferred to a medical facility in another state that does not honor that what should the nurse implement? ANS: Honor clients wishes [Show More]

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