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NR 601 / NR601 Primary Care of the Maturing and Aged Family Practicum Week 1 (Health and Wellness) Quiz Bank | LATEST, 2020/2021 | Chamberlain college

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NR 601 / NR601 Primary Care of the Maturing and Aged Family Practicum Week 1 (Health and Wellness) Quiz Bank | LATEST, 2020/2021 | Chamberlain college 1. Primary Care of Older Adults 1.At meal... time, the older adult seems to be eating less food than would be adequate. Compared to the younger adult, what is a requirement for the older adult? a. More fluids b. Less calcium c. Fewer calories d. More vitamins ANS: C The older adult requires 30 calories per kilogram of body weight, whereas the younger adult requires 40 calories. 2.The older patient informs the nurse that food has no taste and therefore the patient has no appetite. What is this most likely caused by? a. Tasteless food b. Overuse of salt c. Lack of variety d. Loss of taste buds ANS: D Older adults may experience a loss of appetite. Change in taste as a result of decreased saliva production and a decreased number of taste buds may make food unappealing. 3.When discussing aging, to whom does the term older adulthood apply? a. Age 55 and above b. Age 65 and above c. Age 70 and above d. Age 75 and above ANS: B Older adulthood begins at about age 65. 4.When the nurse discusses prevention of cardiac disease, falls, and depression with a group of older adults, the benefits of what are important to stress? a. Nutrition b. Medications c. Exercise d. Sleep ANS: C Primary prevention stresses exercise for the prevention of cardiac disease, falls, and depression. 5.When was the Social Security Act, which was the first major legislation providing financial security for older adults, passed? a. 1930 b. 1935 c. 1940 d. 1945 ANS: B The first major legislation to provide financial security for older adults was the Social Security Act of 1935. 6.When assessing the skin of an older adult patient who is complaining of pruritus, what should the nurse advise the patient to avoid to reduce further drying of her skin? a. Perfumed soap b. Hard-milled soap c. Antibacterial soap d. Lotion soap ANS: C Antibacterial soap is very drying. 7.Because thin skin and lack of subcutaneous fat predisposes the older adult to pressure ulcers, the nurse alters the care plan to include turning the bedfast patient how often? a. Once every shift b. Every 4 hours c. Each evening d. Every 2 hours ANS: D Pressure ulcers can be avoided by repositioning the patient every 2 hours. 8.An older adult is having difficulty swallowing. What position should the nurse recommend to aid in swallowing? a. Chin parallel b. Chin upward c. Chin down d. Chin to the side ANS: C The upright position, leaning slightly forward with the chin down, improves swallowing with the assistance of gravity. 9.The patient complains to the nurse about a newly developed intolerance to milk. What should the nurse suggest to fulfill calcium needs? a. Rye bread b. Yogurt c. Apples d. Raisins ANS: B Lactose, primarily found in milk, is a common source of food intolerance. Dairy products are an important source of calcium, which is needed to prevent osteoporosis. Lactose-intolerant individuals need to replace milk with cheese and yogurt, which are processed and digested more easily. [Show More]

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