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NY State Notary Exam Questions and answers. Rated A. 2022/2023.

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Who appoints and reappoints NY state notaries? - ☑☑The NY Secretary of State How long is the term of a notary? - ☑☑4 years How is a person deemed eligible to be appointed as a notary in ... NY? - ☑☑A person must be a resident or have a place of business in NYS What happens if the notary moves out of state? - ☑☑They may remain a notary as long as the place of business is still within NYS. Can a person who is not a resident and does not have a place of business within NYS become a notary? - ☑☑No Whom is the designated person to process legal papers against an out of state notary? - ☑☑The Secretary of State The Secretary of State must be satisfied that a notary applicant is: - ☑☑1. Of good moral character 2. Has the equivalent of a common school education 3. Is familiar with duties and responsibilities of notary. A notary must apply for reappointment within what time frame expiration of the current notary? - ☑☑6 months The Secretary of State can waive reappointment requirements under what circumstances? - ☑☑The person is in the US armed forces and: 1. The discharge is not dishonorable 2. He applied one year within his discharge Before suspending or removing a notary public, the Secretary of State must... - ☑☑Give the notary a copy of the charges and an opportunity to be heard Can a person convicted of a crime be appointed as a notary? - ☑☑No, unless the Secretary of State finds the conviction does not constitute a bar to employment What is Executive law 131? - ☑☑Procedures of appointment, fees and commissions What does a notary applicant need to submit to the Secretary of State? - ☑☑1. A notary public application 2. An oath of office How much is the notary application fee? - ☑☑$60 What information is on the notary ID card? - ☑☑The name, address, county and commission term of the notary. The Secretary of State sends notary applicant materials to - ☑☑The county clerk What does the Secretary of State submit to the county clerk? - ☑☑1. The commission 2. Certified copy of the original oath with a signature 3. $20 from the $60 fee paid by the applicant The county clerk must maintain an index of what? - ☑☑Commissions Who maintains an index of commissions? - ☑☑The county clerk? On what day of the following month does the Sec. of State send the commission to the county clerk? - ☑☑The 10th If an applicant is applying for reappointment, who do they submit their materials to? - ☑☑The county clerk What must an applicant for reappointment submit? - ☑☑1. An application 2. Oath of office Who issues commission to the notary applicant? - ☑☑The county clerk The application fee for reappointment is... - ☑☑$60 For a notary reapplication, the county clerk must transmit application materials to whom? - ☑☑The Secretary of State The county clerk must transmit reapplication materials to the Sec. of State by when? - ☑☑The 10th day of the following month The reapplication materials submitted by the county clerk to the Sec of state are: - ☑☑1. The commission 2. The certified copy of the original application 3. $40 from the $60 paid by the applicant. The Secretary of State will keep a record of what from the county clerk - ☑☑Commissions Is there a fee for changing the name and address of a notary public? - ☑☑Yes $10 How much does it cost to change the name and address of a notary public? - ☑☑$10 Is there a fee for a lost, destroyed or damaged notary ID? - ☑☑Yes, $10 How much does it cost for a replacement notary ID - ☑☑$10 A duplicate notary ID must have what? - ☑☑1. The word "duplicate" stamped on the front 2.the same number as the card it is replacing What is executive law 132? - ☑☑The certificates of official character of notaries of public The certificate of character of an official notary of public maybe issued by: - ☑☑1. The Sec. of State 2. The NY County Clerk What is the cost for a certificate of official character? - ☑☑$1 Executive Law 133 - ☑☑Certificate of notarial signature A county clerk can attach a certificate of official character to which documents? - ☑☑Any certificate or proof or acknowledgement or oath signed by a notary What is the fee for the certification of Notarial signature? - ☑☑$3 Executive Law 134 - ☑☑Signature and seal of a county clerk What type of signature and seal of the county clerk is acceptable? - ☑☑Facsimile, printed, stamped, photographed or engraved Executive Law 135 - ☑☑Powers and duties in general of notaries public who are attorneys at law Notaries in NYS have the power to what? - ☑☑1. Administer oaths and affirmations 2. Take affidavits and depositions 3. Receive and certify acknowledgments or proofs of deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney with other written instruments 4. Demand acceptance or payment of foreign and inland bills of exchange, promissory notes and written obligations 5. Protest the items for non-acceptance or non payment for a use in another jurisdiction 6. Exercise powers as may be exercised by notaries in other jurisdictions An attorney is who is also a notary may what? - ☑☑Administer oath or affirmation or take an affidavit or acknowledgment of their client A notary can be held liable for an injured party for damages sustained by them as a result of misconduct (true or false?) - ☑☑True Executive law 135-a - ☑☑Notary public or commissioner of deeds; acting without appointment; fraud in office Can a person who is not a notary or commissioner of deeds act as such? - ☑☑No, this is a misdemeanor Can a notary or commissioner of deeds commit fraud or deceit without fault? - ☑☑No, this is a misdemeanor Executive law 136 - ☑☑Notary fees How much is an oath or affirmation? - ☑☑$2 How much is an acknowledgment? - ☑☑$2 (per person) How much is proof of execution? - ☑☑$2 per person [Show More]

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