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PN HESI EXIT EXAM 202 1 TEST BANK, Questions and Answers Latest Update 2022

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PN HESI EXIT EXAM 202 1 TEST BANK 1. a male client admitted the morning of his scheduled surgery tells the PN that he drank water last night. What intervention will the PN implement first? Determin... e the amount of water and exact time it was taken 2. A client receives ondansetron prior to chemotherapy treatment. How should the PN evaluate this medication? Monitor the client for nausea or vomiting following the treatment 3. The PN is caring for an older adult client who is confused and spends...factor contributes to an increased risk for impaired skin integrity for this client? Has increasing episodes of urinary incontinence 4. The pn determines that a client with cirrhosis is experiencing peripheral....take? Protect the clients feet from injury 5. A client is admitted to the postoperative surgical unit after a left lobectomy with two chest tubes......observes the water-sealed chambers, set and prescribed suction of 20cm water...what action should the PN implement? Maintain system integrity and to promote lung re-expansion [Show More]

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