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FNP 2 exam 1 practice questions and answers, Graded A. 2022 update

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FNP 2 exam 1 practice questions and answers, Graded A. 2022 update The bacterium responsible for the highest mortality in pts with CAP is: A. Strep Pneumo B. Mycoplasma pneumo C. Moraxella... catarrhalis D. Haemophilus influenzae - ✔✔Streptococcus pneumoniae When initially treating adults for bronchitis, which would the NP be least likely to order? A. Expectorants B. Antibiotics C. Bronchodilators D. Antitussives - ✔✔B. Antibiotics What is the least common pathogen found in community-acquired atypical pneumonia? A. Moxarella catarrhalis B. Strep Pneumo C. Pseudomonas aeruginosa D. Mycoplasma Pneumonia - ✔✔C. Pseudomonas: is an uncommon cause of CAP but is very difficult bacteria to treat Which of the following is recommended for erythema migrans treatment in early stages of lyme disease? A. Doxycyline (Vibramycin) 100mg PO BID X21 days B. Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) 250 mg PO BID X14 days C. Erythromycin (E-mycin) 333mg PO TID X10 days D. Dixoxacillin 500mg PO BID X 10 days - ✔✔A. Doxycyline 100mg PO BID X21 days- Recommended by the CDC as gold standard treatment 28 y.o. student presents with "hacking cough." Productive with small amounts sputum, runny nose. Doesn't take any meds, no allergies, no significant PMH. Temp: 99.9F, Resp: 16/min, HR: 90 BPM, diffuse fine crackles. CXR shows diffuse infiltrates in lower lobe of right lung. CBC shows WBC count 10,500. What is most likely diagnosis? A. Strep pneumo B. Mycoplasma pneumo C. Acute Bronchitis D. Legionnaires disease - ✔✔B. Mycoplasma: most commonly seen in children and young adults. spread through droplets, sneezing and coughing at close distance. DX made through sx and CXR showing infiltrate to lower lobes 30 y.o. c/o pruritic hives over chest/ arms but denies SOB, difficulty swallowing. Reports family hx allergic rhinitis, & asthma. Which of the following interventions is most appropriate? A. Perform thorough History B. Prescribe PO antihistamine such as benadryl 25mg PO QD C. IM Epinephrine 1:1000 STAT D. Call 911 - ✔✔A. Take a thorough history prior to prescribing medications: find cause of rash. No airway difficulty/ swallowing so no need for 911 Which of the following is associated with Vitamin B-12 anemia? A. Spoon shaped nails and Pica B. An abnormal neuro exam C. Vegan diet D. Tingling/ numbness in both feet - ✔✔D. Tingling and numbness in both feet: B12 can cause nerve damage if left untreated, also dementia, memory loss, difficulty walking, mood changes, depression also A 70 y.o male c/o bright red spot in his left eye for 2 days. He denies pain, visual changes, or headaches. New onset cough from recent viral illness. The only med he was on was Bayer Aspirin 1 tablet daily. Which of the following is most likely? A. Corneal Abraison B. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis C. Acute uveitis D. Subconjunctival hemorrhage - ✔✔D: Subconjunctival hemorrhage: caused by increased intraocular pressure due to straining, coughing, heavy lifting etc. Self limiting- disappears in 1-3 weeks RMSF is caused by bite of: A. Mosquito B. Tick C. Insect D. Flea - ✔✔B: Tick with parasite Rickettsia rickettsii 4 y.o. female comes in after just starting pre school complaining of burning/ itching in both eyes along with runny nose. Child's eyes appear injected bilaterally, the throat is red and her inferior nasal turbinates are swollen. Which is most likely? A. Herpes Keratitis B. Corneal Ulcer C. Viral Conjunctivitis D. Bacterial conjunctivitis - ✔✔C: Viral- no signs of infection but pts often complain of red/ itchy/ swollen eyes What test would you use on a 7 y.o. to screen for color blindness? A. Snellen chart B. Ishihara chart C. Cover/uncover test D. Red Reflex - ✔✔B: Ishihara chart Koplik's spots are associated with: A. Poxvirus infections B. Measles C. Kawasaki's disease D. Reye's syndrome - ✔✔B. Measles: S/S of the measles includes 3 C's! Cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, rash, fever over 101F and Koplik's spots in buccal mucosa An elderly pt with productive cough + fever diagnosed with pneumonia. All of the following organisms are capable of causing CAP except: A. Haemophilus influenzae B. Mycoplasma pneumoniae C. Treponema pallidum D. Strep Pneumo - ✔✔C. Treponema pallidum is a spirochete that causes syphilis You would advise an 18 y.o. at the student health clinic who just got an MMR booster which of the following: A. She may have low grade fever over next 24-48 hrs B. Not to get pregnant within the next 4 weeks C. Her arm will be very sore for the next 48 hrs at injection site D. Her arm will have some induration at IM site for 48 hrs - ✔✔B. Women should not get MMR while pregnant, and need at least 28 days between vaccination and conception, preferrably at least 4 weeks An NP is giving dietary counseling to an alcoholic male who has been recently diagnosed with folic acid deficiency anemia. Which of the following foods should the NP recommend? A. Tomatoes, oranges, bananas B. Cheese, yogurt, milk C. Lettuce, beef, dairy products. D. Spinach, liver, and whole wheat bread - ✔✔D: Spinach liver and whole wheat 67 y.o female presents to the clinic with 50 pk year hx of smoking for physical. C/o being easily short of breath/ frequent fatigue. Physical reveals diminished breath sounds, hyperresonance and hypertrophied resp muscles. Her CBC shows that her hematocrit level is slightly elevated. Her pulmonary function test shows increased total lung capacity. What is most likely DX for this pt? [Show More]

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