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Capsim Baldwin Final Report (C82618) .University of Washington BBUS 470 .

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Capsim Review: Team Baldwin Industry 18 Executive Summary During the course of the simulation, our strategy transformed from the Broad Cost strategy to more of a Broad Differentiation. This was be... cause as we began seizing a dominant presence in the industry, we also began to realize that we could achieve greater competitive advantage if we operated with more of a “Blue Ocean” approach. This approach allowed us to reduce prices in low end and traditional so that we could compete there, while positioning to better tackle High End and Performance. While we did have weaknesses such as letting the Size product, Buddy slip and allowing larger inventories’ than would be desirable, we did maintain and sustain a strong presence in the industry to the very end. We found Chester’s competitive presence served to help bring out the best in our decision-making process as we worked to try to stay ahead of them. This simulation has taught us the value of synergy in team decision-making. When one of us would lack insight or fail to see a flaw in a plan, there was often at least one other person that would have a sound idea or point out the downsides. This give and take approach helped us more adequately weigh decisions and greatly contributed to our success. While it could be improved upon, it was very effective in increasing our team’s learning curve of the simulation and the process. Mission Statement (Summary of Strategy) During the course of the simulation we eventually revised our mission from being a broad cost leader to being a broad differentiator, which led us to revise our mission statement to: To have a combined goal of presenting the lowest reasonable cost to satisfy customers’ needs in low-end and traditional segments while achieving the best superior customer responsiveness and innovation for performance, size, and high-end segments. We did not make this change without the understanding that we needed to be consistent. We made the change purely in order to achieve competitive advantages. [Show More]

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