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NURS 6660 Exam - Walden University NURSE 6660 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I Child and Adolescent. Contains 13 Q&A

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NURS 6660 Final Exam - Walden University NURSE 6660 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I Child and A NURS 6660 Final ExamNURS 6660 Final Exam Walden UniversityNURS6660 Final ExamNURS666... 0 Final Exam Latest VersionNURSE 6660 Final ExamNURSING 6660 Final ExamNURS 6660 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I: Child and AdolescentWalden UniversityQUESTIONIn which demographic is depression twice as prevalent in girls as compared to boys?A. PreschoolersB. School agedC. AdolescentsD. All children ANSWER
QUESTIONAndrew is a 14-year-old male who is being managed for bipolar I disorder. He was started on lithium 6 weeks ago and has achieved a serum level of 1.1 mEq/L according to his most recentblood work. Andrew says he doesn't feel any different, but both his parents and teachers reportimprovement in his mood. He has been more stable, is getting along better with friends andsiblings, and is even more interested in his schoolwork. The PMHNP plans to maintain Andrewon this medication and knows that he will need which of the following ongoing laboratoryassessments?A. Complete blood count, thyroid function tests, and serum calciumB. Liver function tests, complete blood count, and 12-lead electrocardiogramC. White blood cell differential, fasting glucose, and fasting lipid profileD. Comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, and thyroid function testsANSWERQUESTIONConfidentiality is a complex topic in the world of child and adolescent psychiatry. The last 40 to50 yearshave been characterized by increased attention to this issue and the publication ofvarious ethical codes and practice position statements by professional organizations. Which ofthe following is not a true statement with respect to confidentiality of the child or adolescentclient?A. The PMHNP should not be concerned with consent for disclosure when child abuse ormaltreatment has occurred.B. In 1979, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) stated that children 12 years of ageor older can give consent for disclosure.C. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Code of Ethics states that consent is not required for disclosure.D. Regardless of code or position statement by any organization, the best approach is whenthe child and PMHNP agree on disclosure.QUESTIONDebi is a 15-year-old girl who is currently being treated for depression. Her parents have beenveryproactive and involved in her care, and Debi has achieved remission 2 months afterbeginning treatment with a combination of pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.While counseling Debi's parents about important issues in management, the PMHNP advisesthat:A. There is a > 50% likelihood that Debi's younger sibling will develop depressivesymptomsB. The mean length of major depressive episode in adolescents is 4 monthsC. 20 to 40% of adolescents who have major depressive disorder will develop bipolar I within 5 yearsD. Adolescent-onset depression typically needs long-term pharmacologic management toprevent relapseQUESTIONThe therapeutic outcomes for children with disorders of written expression are most favorable when they are characterized by:A. Concomitant pharmacotherapy with a psychostimulant to promote attention and focusB. Multimodal therapy to include group interaction with peer-to-peer feedback on writingsamplesC. A variety of tutors who will offer a variety of writing techniques, composition strategies, and critiquesD. Intensive, continuous administration of individually tailored, one-on-one expressive andcreative writing therapy [Show More]

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