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FISDAP Airway Questions with 100% Answers | 15 pages

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1. Where does the stimulus to breathe originate? A. Spinal cord B. Diaphragm C. Heart D. Brainstem 2. What is the proper way to measure an oropharyngeal airway? A. The nose to the xyphoid proces... s. B. From the center of the mouth to the angle of the jaw. C. From the tip of the nose to the lobe of the ear. D. By the size of the patients thumb. 3. During respiration, where does the process of the gas exchange occur? A. Trachea B. Aveoli C. Epiglottis D. Bronchioles 4. A conscious 32 year old complains of difficulty breathing. He is coughing while pointing to his throat. What should you do? A. Give four strong blows to the back. B. Place him supine and begin CPR. C. Encourage him to keep coughing. D. Administer abdominal thrusts. 5. A 34 year old female has fallen from a height of 10 feet. She is unresponsive with snoring respirations. What should you do? A. Use the jaw-thrust maneuver. B. Support her head and neck with a rolled towel. C. Attempt the chin-lift maneuver. D. Apply a cervical collar. 6. How much oxygen will a pocket mask on room air deliver? A. 92% B. 17% C. 10% D. 23% 7. An unresponsive 44 year old male has an oral airway and is being ventilated. He suddenly regains consciousness and starts to gag. What should you do? A. Insert a nasal airway. B. Request ALS to sedate the patient. C. Remove the airway and apply high-flow oxygen. D. Suction the airway and leave the adjunct in place. [Show More]

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Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

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