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Fisdap exam |Operations Study Guide | questions and answers | 8 pages

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Operations Study Guide 1. When using PCR for research or quality assurance. What should you delete? o Pt’s name/ emt’s name/ response times/ treatments rendered Reason: HIPAA, do not release PT... s Name or release information that’s descriptive of them. 2. 6 yo child fell at the park. No adult around. Type of consent? o Implied/ legal/ expressed/ pediatric Reason: they’re a minor, and no ones there to deny consent. 3. First to arrive. Using START, you should identify pts who? o Ambulatory/ deceased/ unresponsive/ breathing Reason: remove those patients who don’t have any life threatening situations. 4. Partner comes to work dirty and leaves trash. Best describe these actions? o Unethical/ unprofessional/ dangerous/ negligent Reason: remain professional at all times 5. Verbal consent to treatment is called? o Expressed/ implied/ defined/ legalized Reason: they have expressed verbally that they want to be treated 6. Elderly pt cut her hand, bleeding is controlled. She answers questions slowly and often pauses. Vitals are BP 110/80, 64, 14. What should you do? o Allow adequate time unless condition worsens/ yes or no ?/ document altered mental/ direct questions to someone else Reason: vitals are good but continue to monitor them. Some people need more time to respond than others. 7. MCI, pt asks for help. Disoriented and R 32. According to START, you should? o Mark as Immediate Reason: any abnormal vitals or altered mental status will classify the patient as immediate 8. MCI, how should you report info to transporting ambulance? o Neuro status and vitals/ medical and SAMPLE/ pt’s hospital pref/ MOI and who was at fault Reason: Respirations, perfusion and mental status are the only things that matter in an MCI 9. Pt condition should be corrected during primary survey? o 12 yo dyspnea from allergic reaction/ 28 yo rapid pulse stung by several bees/ 22 yo ab pain baseball bat/ 45 yo mod chest pain, no palp BP Reason: primary is ABC’s and the allergic reaction is affecting the airway 10. 58 yo heavy chest pressure. Ask you what is cause. You should? o Hospital staff will explain/ heart not getting enough O2/ acute MI/ can’t explain bc HIPAA 11. Legal case against you. What is your best defense in court? o Complete and thorough report/ dispatch records/ partner’s supporting testimony/ immediate recollection of events Reason: Documentation will help in a legal case because it notes all of the care you provided, why you provided it and any complications that may have prevented you from providing adequate care. 12. Alert 67 yo refuses care and requests a release form? What should you do? o Explain risks/ restrain and trans/ provide supportive care and allow refusal/ ask PD to place in protective custody [Show More]

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