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Southeast Asia 1200-1450 CE: Analysis of Art and Architecture

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Southeast Asia 1200-1450 CE: Analysis of Art and Architecture The states of Southeast Asia had a lot of very distinctive art and architecture. They experienced a lot of cultural diffusion and syncr... etism as belief structures from East and South Asia came into the region, influencing society, politics, and culture. Let’s recognize how the art and architecture reflects those influences! Borobudur Temple (Central Java, Indonesia) This is a Buddhist Temple constructed in the 9th Century and continued into the 14th Century. It was abandoned as Islamic influence came into Java, but was renovated 1973 and is now a world UNESCO heritage site. Watch the short video showing drone footage of Borobudur (and read the subtitles as you go) so you can answer the questions below. Borobudur Temple Video What Buddhist elements are in this temple, according to the video? The three spirit-based levels, statues of Buddha What do you notice are architectural influences that are distinctively Southeast Asian? [Show More]

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