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Males and Females are equally affected <Correct Answer)- Autosomal The process of copying DNA in the lab. <Correct Answer)- Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Template DNA, Nucleotides (dNTPS),... DNA Polymerase, and DNA Primers. <Correct Answer)- What is needed for Polymerase Chain Reaction? Denaturing, Annealing, Elongating <Correct Answer)- What are the three steps of a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)? Denaturing (DNA is heated up to separate it) <Correct Answer)- What is the first step of a Polymerase Chain Reaction? Cooling the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Primers stick to the DNA that you want to copy and ADD DNA Polymerase <Correct Answer)- What is Annealing? The Polymerase Chain Reaction is heated and DNA Polymerase adds nucleotides to build a new DNA strand. <Correct Answer)- What is elongating? Ligase <Correct Answer)- What is NOT involved in PCR? It is used to repair damage to bases caused by harmful molecules by removing the base that is damaged and replacing it. #1 GLYCOSYLASES see the damaged DNA. #2 DNA Polymerase puts the right one back #3 DNA Ligase seals it. <Correct Answer)- What is base excision repair (BER)? DNA Glycolysase sees the damage and removes it, DNA polymerase puts the tight base back, DNA ligase seals it back up. <Correct Answer)- What are the 3 steps in base excision repair? 1 <Correct Answer)- How many nucleotides does base excision repair remove? Mismatch Repair (MMR). It is the only one to occur during REPLICATION - DURING THE PROOFREADING <Correct Answer)- What is it called when a large section of the nucleotide is removed from the DNA so that DNA polymerase can try again? (This corrects DNA damage) Mismatch Repair (MMR) repairs errors such as G with T instead of G with C. DNA Polymerase fixes it. This happens during replication and MMR removes a large section of the nucleotide from the DNA and DNA Polymerase tries again. <Correct Answer)- What repairs a base mismatch? When DNA polymerase takes an individual nucleotide and matches them to the parental sequences to ensure a correct pair. (it must bind with RNA primer to work). ie: DNA Polymerase binds to DNA to make RNA <Correct Answer)- What is DNA Transcription? CLEANS damage caused by things such as UV rays and repairs it. A large section of nucleotides are removed, including the damaged portion, along with a few on each side. It is then replaced by DNA polymerase. <Correct Answer)- What is NecleoTIDE repair It repairs double stranded breaks (last effort) by copying another strand of DNA and replacing it completely. <Correct Answer)- What is Homologous Recombination? Another last effort to repair a double strand break by putting the ends back together before making sure they are correctly copied. This can lead to deletions/insertions (frameshift mutations). <Correct Answer)- What is Non-Homologous Recombintaion? It must bind to RNA primer <Correct Answer)- What does DNA Polymerase bind to in order to make RNA TRANSCRIPTION DNA take the individual nucleotide and match them to the PARENTAL sequences to ensure a correct pair. introns (non-coding region) are removed and exons (coding region) joined to form a contiguous coding sequence. <Correct Answer)- What happens during RNA splicing to generate a mature RNA molecule? The ability to turn genes on and off <Correct Answer)- What is Gene Expression? The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression NOT alternation of the gene code. <Correct Answer)- What is epigenetics? Where a DNA molecule wraps around histone proteins to form tight loops called nucleosomes. These nucleosomes coil and stack together to form fibers called chromatin. (genes are ON if the nucleosomes are wide spread and OFF if the genes are tightly packed) <Correct Answer)- What is packaging of DNA? Polymerase <Correct Answer)- What is needed for DNA replication? A point mutation in a sequence of DNA (change in one nucleotide) that results in a premature STOP codon <Correct Answer)- What is NonSense Mutation [Show More]

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