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WGU Care of the Older Adult - C475 Healthy People 2010 Ans: develop a set of health care objectives designed to increase the quality and quantity of years of healthy life of Americans and to elimi... nate health disparities barriers to physical activity Ans: lack of access to safe areas to exercise, pain, fatigue, and impairment in sensory function and mobility risks for poor nutrition Ans: multiple chronic illnesses, may have tooth or mouth problems that may interfere with their ability to eat, may be socially isolated, may have economic hardship, may be taking multiple medications that can cause changes in appetite or gastrointestinal symptoms, and may need assistance with self-care falls Ans: leading cause of unintentional injury death in older adults in this country Polypharmacy Ans: the taking of multiple drugs concurrently, whether prescribed or OTC tetnus shot Ans: recommended re-vaccination after 10 years in the elderly Mini Mental State Examination Ans: This exam test the elderlys orientation, registration, attention and calculation, recall(memory) and visou spatial skills. If the patient score less than twenty indicates cognitive impairment. Aids in detecting dementia CAGE questionnaire Ans: • Cut down: Refers to attempts by the client to cut down on drinking • Annoyance: Related to suggestions by friends or family to cut down on drinking • Guilt: Relates to client guilt about drinking • Eye opener: Relates to the need for a drink in the morning to get going Elder abuse reporting Ans: may include physical, sexual, psychological, and financial exploitation, neglect, and violation of rights Report to adult protective service In nursing homes and assisted living facilities must be reported to the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program in most states. Modified Caregiver Strain Index Ans: tool that can be used to quickly screen for caregiver strain with long-term family caregivers. It is a 13-question tool that measures strain related to care provision Reciprocity Ans: ability to be true to one's self while respecting and supporting the values and views of another Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 Ans: this law requires that patients are provided the opportunity to express their preferences regarding lifesaving or life-sustaining care on entering any health care service, including hospitals, long-term care centers, and home care agencies. The law also requires that adequate information be supplied to the patient so that he or she can make informed decisions regarding self-determination advanced directives Ans: Decisions regarding life-saving or life-sustaining care are recorded in legal documents known as__________ living will Ans: alternative documents that direct preferences for end-of-life care issues, providing an "if...then..." plan autonomy Ans: independent; not controlled by others; self-governing self-determination Ans: The patient right that is the right to decide healthy aging Ans: the ability to maintain three key behaviors: low risk of disease and disease-related disability, high mental and physical function, and active engagement of life vaccination recommendations Ans: annual flu pneumonia, revaccination after 5 years if 75 or older Boosters for tetanus every 10 years Framingham Heart Study Ans: risk factors associated with coronary heart disease: Age greater than or equal to 50 for men and 60 for women • Hypertension • Smoking • Obesity • Family history of premature CHD • Diabetes (considered to [Show More]

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