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NCLEX PN Questions with accurate answers, 2022 update, graded A+

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NCLEX PN Questions with accurate answers, 2022 update, graded A+ Reduce symptoms of Raynauds disease? - ✔✔Wearing gloves when handling frozen food What is Raynauds disease? - ✔✔reduced... blood flow due to spasm of arteries of the feet and hands When removing a chest tube, what should you instruct the patient to do? - ✔✔hold breathe and bear down When you notice blanching, coldness and edema at the IV site, what should you do? - ✔✔Remove the IV What is considered a normal Blood Glucose level? - ✔✔70-100 What PPE to use for MRSA patient? - ✔✔Gloves Gown Goggles Mask What is an EARLY sign of digoxin toxicity, from the drug digoxin? - ✔✔Anorexia What are normal Magnesium levels? - ✔✔1.6 - 2.6 mg What are signs of elevated magnesium levels? - ✔✔Drowsiness Sedation Lethargy Muscle weakness Areflexia What is Areflexia? - ✔✔Absence of the reflexes What position should you place a patient with acute epiglottitis? - ✔✔Sit upright What position to use for Soapsuds enema? - ✔✔Left side SIMS position What is the 1st step when looking into the NCLEX exam? - ✔✔Step 1: Access the NCSBN website at www.ncsbn.org (Obtain info for international nurses) For state licensing? - ✔✔Contact the state in which you are taking the NCLEX in and determine specific requirements for that state What is the process for sending the state official documents? - ✔✔They must come from the "Licensing Authority" Is the NCLEX exam administered in other languages? - ✔✔No (ONLY in English) What is your Initial response after a patients trach tube becomes dislodged? - ✔✔Use a manual BVM/resuscitation device? What is the "immediate" action to take after a heart failure patient presents with shortness of breath/dyspnea? - ✔✔Raise the head of the bed How soon after the administration of nitroglycerin should the patient see relief? - ✔✔5 mins (Burning sensation/vertigo are common side effects) What is a concern when a patient is taking Warfarin? - ✔✔Bleeding easily (Educate patient on straight razor use) What is Dystocia? - ✔✔Abnormal labor or childbirth What is the 1st step in the Nursing process? - ✔✔Data collection What is the 2nd step in the Nursing process? - ✔✔Planning What is the 3rd step in the Nursing process? - ✔✔Implementation What is the 4th step in the Nursing Process? - ✔✔Evaluation What is the medication "Tigan" used for? - ✔✔Nausea and Emesis Iron supplements should be taken with what? - ✔✔Vitamin C rich juices (Tomato juice, Orange juice) When noticing that the fundus of a postpartum patient is soft and spongy, what should you do? - ✔✔Massage the fundus gently until it is firm Drugs that end in "lol" are normally used for what? - ✔✔Beta Blocker (for hypertension) ("Lo" Lowers the BP) What OTC tabs should patients not take with medication? - ✔✔Antacids tabs (effects the absorption of the med) Which tabs should not be crushed? - ✔✔Enteric Coated/sustained release tabs Can nurses adjust or change a patients medication? - ✔✔NO (only the Doctor can do this) T/F Patients should consult a doctor before taking OTC or any herbal preparations? - ✔✔True Can Abandonment charges be filed against nurses who walk out if staffing is inadequate? - ✔✔Yes Can nurses refuse to float? - ✔✔No, unless their Union contract states they only work in a specific area Do Nurses need to get their own Insurance against malpractice? - ✔✔YES [Show More]

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