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PN to RN Final Questions and answers, Rated A+, 2022/2023

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PN to RN Final Questions and answers, Rated A+, 2022/2023 How is the term ethics as applied to nursing best defined? - ✔✔Care based on keeping with the values of the patient An older adult... client is comatose with no brain activity....... Daughter thinks mom is responding to her and the nurse says, "it does appear she did" This nurse is violating: - ✔✔Veracity The primary health care provider who insists on providing treatment despite the clients wishes because "I know best" has an attitude - ✔✔Paternalism The nurse admits a medication error and immediately files an incident report is demonstrating: - ✔✔Accountability Throughout careers nurses are in an ongoing state of acculturation, gaining experience from formal school classes, clinical experiences, and the ethical issues they encounter in their clinical practice. What are the ideal outcomes of these ongoing experiences with cultural decision making? - ✔✔o Improved clinical decision making and advocacy for patient autonomy o Enhanced ability to take into consideration many aspects of clinical situations o Increased trustworthiness o Confidence to make decisions based on experience and ethical intelligence A peaceful death for a terminally ill patient is: - ✔✔One who has drifted from lethargy to coma Which patient's decision-making capacity should be a concern for the palliative care nurse? - ✔✔The pt with a dx of Alzheimer's As a pts condition moves towards their impending death, which nursing intervention demonstrates how the focus of palliative care changes? - ✔✔The pt's comfort needs are identified What is the initial step when addressing an ethically challenging situation? - ✔✔Review the overall situation to identify the core issues The principle of autonomy is best supported by what intervention made available to palliative care patients? - ✔✔Helping the pt decide on the details of their advanced plan of care A nurse is caring for a client with malignant HTN whose BP has increased by 40 mmHg during the past hour. The nurse goes to lunch and fails to report the change to the pts physician. The nurse is at risk for being charged with: - ✔✔Negligence A client arrives in active labor and exhibits toxemia with irregular fetal heart tones. The client is an immigrant and is uninsured. Which act prohibits transfer to another facility? - ✔✔The emergency medical treatment and active labor law when differentiating between slander and libel the nurse knows that libel is? - ✔✔Defamation caused by subjective comments written in the nurses notes A nurse who functions in the role of team lead can be held negligent for matters involving what focus? - ✔✔Delegation A blood rxn occurrence is noted I the client who did not receive pretrans care as clearly documented in the facility's policy and procedures. The nurse providing care is liable for which legal tort? - ✔✔Criminal negligence Which components must be included regarding informed consent? - ✔✔o Identification of known risks o Discussion of expected benefits o Identification of risk of non-treatment o Acknowledgment of alternative therapies When can a nurse detain a client by implementing restraints? - ✔✔There are current prescribed instructions for their use, A nurse testifies at trial the a professional with the knowledge and skill of an RN should understand that before administering digoxin.......K and pulse.... The nurse's testimony as to what constitutes reasonable care is based on - ✔✔The legal definition of standard of care A nurse is assigned to a unit other than her normal one. She takes notes and then loses the notes with PMI. The liabilities arising from this fall under: - ✔✔Compliance with HIPPA A nurse learns in orientation that an incident report doesn't "blame" anyone but concisely documents the events leading to an occurrence. Which events warrant an incident report? - ✔✔o A client falls in the shower after being instructed not to get up alone o The nurse is unable to carry out orders because they are illegible o An IV abx given preop doesn't infuse because of a faulty pump o The RN is unavailable to complete the preop checklist Nurses in a unionized hospital are paid "compensatory pay" when working holidays equal to the number of hours worked with no extra compensation, Although they have suggested changes during annual survey, management refuses to consider another compensation system. A trained member listened to both nurses and management to make recommendations that were not legally binding. What type of settlement? - ✔✔Mediation A nurse has been asked to serve as the charge nurse on the evening shift. The agency where the nurse is employed is considering unionization . If the nurse accepts the charge role, what effect will unionization have on the nurse's new position? - ✔✔The nurse can be represented by the union because charge nurses are not considered part of the management team Nurses in a nonprofit hospital have expressed interest in starting a union to secure fair wages and ensure client safety. To form a core support group of nurses where should the union organizer conduct meetings to gather initial information? - ✔✔IN homes of local businesses with staff nurses In recent Gallop polls, nurses were voted as the most honest with the highest ethical standards of all professions. How does this degree of professionalism affect nurses desire to participate in organized strikes? - ✔✔Nurses often find union activities such as strikes in conflict with the need to serve and protect clients and their profession A nurse is interested in working in a large trauma center that is unionized but does not want to join the union or pay fees. The nurse is not required to join or pay fees to the union based on which law? - ✔✔Right-to-work law A bill is pending in the state legislature that will mandate teaching health promotion related to smoking cessation. Which action by the nurse should have the greatest impact on passage of the bill? - ✔✔Contact the elected representative's office by telephone to request support for the bill A nurse would like to obtain background information and learn the political platform of a candidate who is running for national office. The nurse should contact what organization? - ✔✔American Nurses association nurses (action center) A nurse would like to advocate for increased protective services and reporting mechanisms for elder abuse and attends the "meet the candidate session" at the town hall meeting. This is an important time for the nurse to implement which action? - ✔✔Learning what the key issues are in the candidate's platform A concerned nursing student calls the office of an elected official to voice support for the bill to ban smoking in all public places. The secretary asks, "are you a constituent?". This means - ✔✔A citizen who is registered and is eligible to vote for a representative When reading about nursing as a career, a student is interested in learning about violence in the profession. Which statement accurately reflects violence in health care and the profession of nursing? - ✔✔All nurses should be advocates for violence prevention programs A Nurse is caring for a recent Asian immigrant client and is overheard making the following comment, " these rituals you believe in are false. You live in America now and must believe in realistic health practices like Americans do." The nurse is exhibiting behavior associated with what belief? - ✔✔Ethnocentrism While completing a masters degree in Virginia, a nurse who is interested in teaching in Laredo, TX enrolls in Spanish classes for 4 years knowing that a high number of Mexican Americans live there. The nurse is demonstrating? - ✔✔Cultural competence An Asian teen is admitted with an eating disorder which she contributes to not meeting the academic expectations of her parents. The nurse is overheard saying " That isn't the reason at all. All Asians are really smart!" The nurse is demonstrating - ✔✔Stereotyping The RN is preparing education for clients who are classified as members of special populations. Which teaching method is considered to be most effective when providing instructions to members of special populations? - ✔✔Teach back Which therapeutic communication technique is most helpful when working with transgender pts? - ✔✔Using open ended questions The nurse is volunteering with an outreach program to provide basic health care for homeless people. Which finding, if noted, should be addressed first? - ✔✔Complains of pain and associated numbness in both feet The nurse on a med/surg floor is receiving an admission from the ED. In report the RN learned that the pt has a cognitive impairment. Based on this knowledge, the RN anticipates needing to allocate more time for the completion of which task? - ✔✔History taking When planning care of a military veteran, the RN should place priority on nursing interventions which are targeting at managing which condition that commonly occurs in this population? - ✔✔PTSD The Rn in the prison system Is caring for a pt who is c/o abd pain. The RN is aware that patients in this seeing have a higher risk of - ✔✔Rape, TB, and STIs The RN would question an order for which medication if prescribed for a homeless veteran with substance use disorder? - ✔✔o Clonidine (Catapres) for HTN o Ibuprofen (Motrin) for joint pain o Clozapine (Clozaril) for the negative symptoms [Show More]

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