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True/False. A virus is considered a microorganism. - ANSWER False, Viruses are not living and as such are not considered microorganisms. Viruses can, however, be classified as microbes, a more general... term that includes microorganisms and viruses. What is the smallest biological unit of life? - ANSWER A cell What are the four main types of macromolecules found in cells? - ANSWER Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates Proteins are formed from various combinations of - ANSWER Amino acids There are how many known forms of amino acids - ANSWER twenty How many amino acids are classified as being essential amino acids? - ANSWER Nine Where can the two major types of nucleic acids be found in the cell? - ANSWER DNA, RNA. Found in the nucleus. What is the role of RNA? - ANSWER RNA , found in the nucleus is capable of leaving the nucleus. RNA is repsponsible for deciphering the hereditary information in DNA and uses it to synthesize proteins. What is the role of DNA? - ANSWER DNA, found in the nucleus contains vast amount of hereditary inforamtion, responible for inhereitable characteristic os living organisms. Complete the following RNA strand, and indicate how many bonds are formed for each complementary pair: 3' GGUCAUCG 5'5' CC AGC 3' - ANSWER 3' GGUCAUCG 5'5' CCAGUAGC 3'There are 2 bonds formed between A and U, and 3 bonds between G and C. The plasma membrane - ANSWER Restricts movement of materials in and out of the cell & Prevents essential nutrients from escaping How many carbon atoms are present in glucose? - ANSWER 6 True of False: The genetic material within a prokaryotic cell is contained within a membrane-enclosed region. - ANSWER False Only eukaryotic cells contain its genetic material within a nucleus. True or False: Prokaryotic cells can be subdivided into Bacteria and Archaea. - ANSWER True True or False: Archaea is noted for its ability to survive under harsh conditions. Correct! - ANSWER True Archaea can often be found in harsh conditions such as high salt levels, high acid conditions, high temperatures and even oxygen-poor conditions. Which of the following microorganisms are considered to be Eukarya? Select all that apply. - ANSWER Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista Microorganisms classified as Plantae obtain most of their energy by converting [answer1] energy into [answer2] energy. - ANSWER 1. Light (sunlight) 2. chemical (sugars) Which of the following are considered Protista? Select all that apply. - ANSWER Algae, Amoeba The function of the ribosome is - ANSWER Protein synthesis True or False: Protista retain a unicellular classification, as they are unable to form tissue layers. - ANSWER True Where are ribosomes located? - ANSWER cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells and in the ER of eukaryotic cells. The combination of the cell membrane and the outer membrane is referred to as the - ANSWER Cell envelope The function of the mitochondria is - ANSWER To produce energy (ATP) True or False. All multicellular microorganisms classified as Animalia are autotropic. - ANSWER False True or False: Metabolism is a controlled [Show More]

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