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CI Awareness & Reporting for DOD Questions and Answers Already Passed

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Personnel who fail too report CI activities of concern as outlined in Enclosure 4 of DOD directive 520.06 are subject to appropriate diciplinary action under regulations. ✔✔true Foreign Intellig... ence Entities seldom use the Internet or other communications including social networking services as a collection method. ✔✔False If you ever feel you are being solicited for information which of the following should you do ? ✔✔All of the above Under DoDD 5240.06 reportable foreign intellegence contacts, activities, aindicators and behaiviors; which of the following is not reportable? ✔✔none of the above Cyber vulnerabilities to DoD systems include ✔✔all of the above Foreign intelligence entities seldom use elicitation to extract information from people who have access to classified or sensative information. ✔✔false Collection methods of operation frequently used by foreign intelligence entities to collect information from DoD on the critical technology being produced within the cleared defense contractor facilities we support include: ✔✔All of the above [Show More]

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