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Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting - PreTest JKO Questions and Answers Already Passed

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select all that apply. counterintelligence (CI) pre- and post-foreign travel briefs support you by providing: ✔✔_ defensive actions needed to defeat threats _ information on local and regional t... hreat environments _ reportable activity guidelines _ travel area intelligence and security practices and procedures communicating information about the national defense to injure the U.S. or give advantage to a foreign nation is called: ✔✔espionage it is acceptable to discuss sensitive information such as travel plans in taxis, buses, or other public transportation while traveling in foreign countries. ✔✔false terrorist organizations are considered foreign intelligence entities by the U.S.. ✔✔true unclassified information can be collected to produce information that, when put together, would be considered classified. ✔✔true all requests to transport media back to the U.S. on behalf of a foreign country must be reported to your counterintelligence representative. ✔✔true foreign adversary use of social networking services causes wh [Show More]

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