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WGU Healthcare Values and Ethics and Correct answers.

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Ethics is important in that it helps individuals how to be with and accepted ___________, principles, and values and how we live in harmony with the environment and one another. Correct Answer: Bound... aries A form of ethics in which an individual's personal view of right and wrong, commonly based on personal life experiences, is often referred to as ________ ethics. Correct Answer: Micro We study ethics to aid us in making ________ judgments, good decisions, and right choices. Correct Answer: Sound ________ is the class of rules held by society to govern the conduct of its individual members. It implies the quality of being in accord with standards of right and good conduct. Correct Answer: Morality A code of ________ generally prescribes standards, states principles expressing responsibilities, and defines the roles expressing duties of professionals to whom they apply Correct Answer: Conduct ________ dilemmas arise when values, rights, duties, and loyalties conflict, and, consequently, not everyone is satisfied with a particular decision. Correct Answer: Moral [Show More]

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