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Capsim Exam Questions Bank 1. When opening the Excel version of Capstone®, you should do what to Macros? - ✔✔Enable If there are two identical products, one that has 100% accessibility and one... that has 0% accessibility, - ✔✔the product with 100% accessibility will outsell the other 2 to 1 providing all other attributes are identical. 3. How many products does every team start with? - ✔✔Five products 4. What are three of the five Segments? - ✔✔a. Traditional, Low End, Performance 5. A segment manager's task is to - ✔✔b. verify the products entering and leaving a segment, the margin potential for those products, capacity level and the distribution system as compared to competitors. 6. What is the difference between the market segments at the beginning of the round to the final round? - ✔✔b. The fine cuts overlap in the beginning and in year 8 only the rough cuts overlap. 7. Successful managers will: - ✔✔a. Create a strategy b. Coordinate company activities c. Analyze the market and its competing products After you have uploaded your decisions to the website, can you change your official decisions as many times as you want prior to the processing date and time of the round? - ✔✔yes 9. Once you upload your official decisions during a round, how many times can you change them before the end of the round? - ✔✔e. As many times as you want 10. What trend can be explicitly observed in the industry in which your company is operating? - ✔✔c. Products become smaller and smaller. 11. On perceptual map, the percentage of customers interested in a product positioned outside of the rough cuts of that product is - ✔✔0% 12. MTBF is measured in - ✔✔b. hour increments. 13. Customers that want low prices and are willing to sacrifice miniaturization and performance are in the - ✔✔c. low End segment. 14. Customers that want small products and are willing to sacrifice performance are in the - ✔✔e. size segment. 15. In Capstone©, pricing standards are set by: - ✔✔a. Customers (Market Segment). 16. "Reliability" is expressed in terms of: - ✔✔a. Mean Time Between Failure. 17. MTBF measures what? - ✔✔c. Reliability 18. The two characteristics that the perceptual map evaluates are - ✔✔a. Performance and Size. 19. The Perceptual Map is - ✔✔a. a marketing tool used to track the position of the company's products against those of the competitors. 20. The segments all drift to the lower-right section of the perceptual map. Why does this drift take place? - ✔✔c. Customers want smaller and faster products. c. Customers want smaller and faster products. - ✔✔d. down; right 22. When tracking market segments on the performance and size perceptual map, which segment moves or "drifts" the slowest? - ✔✔b. Traditional 23. What happens to a product priced at $1 above or below the segment guideline when a segment's product supply outstrips demand? - ✔✔c. It loses 20% of its appeal. 24. What's the measure for product reliability? - ✔✔c. Expected time a product lasts 25. At what dollar amount above the segment guidelines is all consumer appeal lost? - ✔✔b. $5 26. The prices in each segment - ✔✔a. drop by $0.50 each year. 27. MTBF in the segments should be - ✔✔MTBF (Performance) > MTBF (High End)., and MTBF (Low End) < MTBF (Size). 28. Which of the following are not buying criteria? - ✔✔b. Automation 29. Inside each fine cut circle, - ✔✔a. segments have an ideal spot where demand is at its highest. 30. The Traditional ideal spot is - ✔✔c. near the center of its circle. 31. Increasing a product's reliability will result in which of the following changes to production costs? - ✔✔b. Higher material cost 32. Age refers to: - ✔✔b. Product Age. 33. What happens to a product's Perceived Age when it is repositioned in R&D? - ✔✔a. It is reduced by 50%. 34. The preferred product perceived age for each sector peaks at: - ✔✔c. zero years for high end and seven years for low end. c. zero years for high end and seven years for low end. - ✔✔a. 2 36. Pricing plays a role - ✔✔in the rough cut stage of the purchase decision and in the fine cut stage of the purchase decision. 37. What are the top buying criteria that low end customers most value? - ✔✔b. Price 38. Which of the following is not a type of market segment in CapSim? - ✔✔c. Standard 39. What is the correct answer concerning the top buying criteria for the following segment: - ✔✔d. Price for low end and Positioning for high end. 40. Low End customers emphasize buying criteria in which order? - ✔✔a. Price, Age, Positioning, Reliability 41. Each segment places - ✔✔b. a different emphasis on features of the 4 buying criteria. 42. Which market segment places the most importance on price? - ✔✔c. Low End 43. What is the most important criterion to a "Low End Segment" customer? - ✔✔a. Price 44. If you are marketing to High End customers, which criteria are most important to them in order of importance? - ✔✔e. Positioning, Age, MTBF, Price 45. Which one is not an area in which Capstone® separates company activities? - ✔✔d. Logistics 46. The following represent core company activities that must be addressed each year except: - ✔✔d. Labor Negotiations. 47. Which of the following is not addressed by R&D? - ✔✔e. Workforce Complement 48. In the Marketing Plan, Research and Development addresses all but the: - ✔✔d. automation of assembly lines. 49. When an R&D effort started in 2001 completes on September 15, 2002, the product revision kicks in - ✔✔b. immediately upon completion. 50. The relative cost of a product's material cost increases as: - ✔✔c. MTBF is raised. 51. R&D completion time can be shortened - ✔✔d. when a company takes advantage of existing technology. 52. R&D completion time depends on - ✔✔a. number of projects in R&D. b. automation rating. c. the age of the product. 53. Which Automation rating requires the longest time to reposition a product? - ✔✔e. 10 54. In Capstone® - ✔✔c. the terms age and perceived age are used interchangeably. 55. When a product is moved to a new location on the Perceptual Map, the Perceived Age (or Age) is: - ✔✔c. divided in half. 56. Changing MTBF will: - ✔✔a. have no impact on Perceived Age. 57. R&D projects can change a product's: - ✔✔a. size. b. age. c. reliability. d. performance. 58. If your team decides to introduce a new product, when should capacity and automation be purchased? - ✔✔b. One round prior to product release 59. If you purchase production capacity and automation: - ✔✔c. it is available in the next year. 60. Marketing is concerned with 4 things. What are they? - ✔✔c. Price, Place, Promotion, and Product 61. An increase in promotional budgets have: - ✔✔c. decreasing returns over time. 62. Promotion efforts are subject to - ✔✔c. diminishing returns. 63. What effect do increases in th [Show More]

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