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NR 509 / NR509 Advanced Physical Assessment Final Exam Review | Rated A Guide | LATEST, 2020 / 2021 | Chamberlain College

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NR 509 / NR509 Advanced Physical Assessment Final Exam Review | Rated A Guide | LATEST, 2020 / 2021 | Chamberlain College 1. Pain at the lateral epicondyle IS ? - Tennis elbow or repetitive ext... ension of the wrist or pronation or supination of the forearm. 2. A woman who is 8 weeks pregnant is in the clinic for a check up. The FNP reads her chart that her cervix is... Cyanotic. The FNP knows that the woman is exhibiting sign and sign - Goodell's sign - Chadwick sign 3. Goodell's sign - softening of the cervix 4. Chadwick's sign - Bluish purple discoloration of the cervix, vagina, and labia during pregnancy as a result of increased vascular congestion. 5. McBurney Point - McBurney point lies 2 inches from the anterior superior spinous process of ilium on a line drawn from that process to the umbilicus - Appendicitis is three times more likely if there is McBurney point tenderness. 6. Rovsing sign - Press deeply and evenly in the LLQ. Then quickly withdraw your fingers. - Pain in the RLQ during left-sided pressure is a positive Rovsing sign. 7. .Psoas Sign - Place your hand just above the patient's right knee and ask the patient to raise that thigh against your hand. - Alternatively, ask the patient to turn onto the left side. Then extend the patient's right leg at the hip. Flexion of the leg at the hip makes the psoas muscle contract; extension stretches it. - Increased abdominal pain on either maneuver is a positive psoas sign, sug-gesting irritation of the psoas muscle by an inflamed appendix. 8. Obturator Sign - Less helpful - Flex the patient's right thigh at the hip, with the knee bent, and rotate the leg internally at the hip. This maneuver stretches the internal obturator muscle. - Right hypogastric pain is a positive obturator sign, from irritation of the obturator muscle by an inflamed appendix. This sign has very low sensitivity. 9. Which of these statements is true regarding the penis? - Corpus spongiosum expands into a cone of erectile tissue called the glans. 10. When performing breast examination why is it important to inspect the upper outer quadrant? - Its where most tumors develop 11. What protects the fetus of pregnant women from infections? - Acidic mucus plug 12. Mucus plug - A collection of thick mucus in the cervix that prevents bacteria from entering the uterus 13. What causes axillary node enlargement - recent breast infection 14. what is bleeding between periods called - metrorrhagia - Abnormal uterine bleeding, - Intermenstrual bleeding 15. When pt has vague complaints and a negative workup [Show More]

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