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NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations, NR 533 Week 5 Assignment: Break-Even Analysis

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NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations, NR 533 Week 5 Assignment: Break-Even Analysis Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop bre... ak-even-analysis skills. Week 5 Break Even Analysis Assignment and Guidelines (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Requirements Answer the questions and complete the calculations required for the assignment. Submit your answers on a Word document, with the heading of Week 5 Assignment. For the questions requiring a written response, answer directly on the assignment and adhere to proper grammar and syntax, and provide references. • For the questions requiring calculations, show all of your work and follow the format that … provided for the calculations in the lesson for Week 5. • In addition, further explanations and formulas on the break-even analysis are … reading resources. Preparing the paper Break-Even Analysis Case Study You and several of your colleague business partners have decided to establish an outpatient fertility clinic in your service area. All of you are very familiar with this patient population base, have completed an extensive market analysis that demonstrated a great need for the service, and are comfortable with setting up a business and the costs associated with this special group of patients. As part of the business plan, you and your partners will need to convince stakeholders that this new service endeavor will be viable. They will want to know a) how many patient visits will need to occur annually and b) how long it will take for the service to be at least cost neutral or profitable. • To provide them with this information you will perform a break-even analysis. • Use the following data and conduct the analysis accounting for the contribution margin of each patient acuity category. Patient acuity is a concept commonly referenced by caregivers and the health science literature but without specificity or consistency of definition or measurement. Acuity has become a reference for estimating nurse staffing allocations and budget determinations. [projected staffing and beds] 1. Describe your approach to this Case Study. In addition to the numbers given, what do you need to know before you can calculate the break-even analysis? 2. Perform the calculations needed for the break-even analysis. Show all your work. After you’ve completed the calculations, record your results in the appropriate place in the table. [Show More]

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