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Scrum Master Training Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions

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What are two critical areas that differentiate Agile from waterfall development? a. Fast Feedback b. Face-to-Face interaction c. staggered integration d. architectural runway 3. incremental deliv... ery of value ✔✔A and E Which statement is true about scrum? a. It is a team-based framework b. It is a set of technical software practices c. It is a Lean System Engineering technique d. It is ideal method for static design requirements ✔✔A When does the Plan-do-CA cycle occur in Scrum? a. Across all scrum events b. In the daily stand-up c. As part of the Iteration Retrospective d. At the Iteration Review ✔✔A What is the purpose of the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle as applied to iterations? a. To create a continuous flow or work to support the delivery pipeline b. To allow the team to perform some final backlog refinement for upcoming Iteration planning c. To provide a regular predictable developement cadence to produce an increment of value d. to give the agile release train team members a process tool [Show More]

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