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SHRM CERTIFICATION EXAM REVIEW 2022 (questions & answers verified 100% correct)

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SHRM CERTIFICATION EXAM REVIEW(questions & answers verified 100% correct)What kind of culture includes intangibles like beliefs, attitudes, and values? - ✔✔Implicit What should be considered prio... r to terminating a long-term employee who has been previously successful? - ✔✔Transfer What is the primary reason to develop workforce diversity programs? - ✔✔Increase productivity What are the five compensable factors? - ✔✔SEWRS (supervision, effort, working conditions, responsibility, skills) What financial benefit does an employer reap in providing incentive pay rather than an increase in base pay? - ✔✔Does not add to the salary burden What are work stoppages that are neither sanctioned nor stimulated by a union? - ✔✔Wildcat What concept holds that an organization operates within a complex environment affected by and affecting different interests? - ✔✔Stakeholder theory What principle provides that employees should be treated fairly, given clear expectations, and provided an opportunity to defend themselves for a dischargeable offense? - ✔✔Due process The evaluation level of learning marks changes in what? - ✔✔Knowledge What time period(s)' needs are addressed in an organizational needs assessment? - ✔✔Present and future What strategy primarily emphasizes the organization's needs when considering an employee's career path? - ✔✔Career management What budgeting method categorizes according to enterprise activities as opposed to standard departments? - ✔✔Activity-based What is the role of HR when conducting an investigatory interview? - ✔✔Risk manager for the organization What branding proposition answers the question why a talented person would want to work here? - ✔✔EVP (Employee Value Proposition) [Show More]

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