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ASCP-Chemistry section 2022( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)

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ASCP-Chemistry section 2022( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)Aldosterone is released by the adrenal cortex upon stimulation by: A. Renin B. Angiotensinogen C. Angiotenisinogen I D. ... Angiotensinogen II - ✔✔D. Angiotensinogen II Clinical Assays for tumor markers are most important for: A. screening for the presence of cancer B. monitoring the course of known cancer C. confirming the absence of disease D. identifying patients at risk for cancer - ✔✔B. Monitoring the course of known cancer Detection of which of the following substances is most useful to monitor the course of a patient with testicular cancer? A. alpha-fetoprotein B. carcinoembryonic antigen C. prolactin D. testosterone - ✔✔A. alpha-fetoprotein Increased concentrations of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in adults are most characteristically associated with: A. hepatocellular carcinoma B. alcoholic cirrhosis C. chronic active hepatitis D. multiple myeloma - ✔✔A. hepatocellular carcinoma Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is most likely to be produced in a maignancy involving the: A. Brain B. Testes C. Bone D. Colon - ✔✔D. Colon Which of the following is useful in the detection an management of carcinoma of the prostate? A. total prostate-specific antigen B. prostatic acid phosphatase C. human chorionic gonadotropin [Show More]

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