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AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communications ✔✔refers to all forms of communication that enhances or supplements speech and writing. AAC can enhance (augment) and replace (alternate) convent... ional forms of expression for people who can not communicate through speech, writing or gestures. active aging ✔✔based on the human rights of older people - principles of independence, participation, dignity, care and self fulfillment adherence in low literacy patients ✔✔color code medication bottles or use organizer that separates daily doses into morning, noon, evening and night ADL's vs IADL's ✔✔ADL - Activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, transferring, walking, eating, and continence. IADL - Activities R/T independent living such as meal preparation, money mgmt., shopping, housework, telephone use. African Americans - top five health disparities ✔✔new cases of gonorrhea, congenital syphilis, new cases of AIDS, and deaths due to HIV infection. The impact of racism has long been considered one of the factors that contribute to decreased longevity and increases of chr [Show More]

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