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HESI A2 Entrance Exam 2022

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virulence the ability to produce disease efface to wipe out, to rub out, do away with; (medical) the thinning of the cervix during labor 00:03 01:11 ubiquitous omnipresent, exis... ting or being everywhere osmosis process of fluid passing through semi-permeable membrane from higher to lower concentration labile apt or likely to change, changing quickly -Because the children fever was very labile the nurse instructed the unlicensed assistive personnel to check the temp frequently. febrile having or showing symptoms of a fever dynamic energetic, lively insidious dangerous, treacherous, so gradual as to not become apparent for a long time -The doctor explained that the cancer probably started years ago but had not been detected because it spread was so insidious. empathy understanding another's pain, suffering alongside someone else anticipatory showing anticipation, looking forward to ominous threatening, menacing preferred to set above or hold above another, to like better than another [Show More]

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