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USPS Exam 421 Window Clerk Practice Latest Update Already Passed

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USPS Exam 421 Window Clerk Practice Latest Update Already Passed USPS Mission Correct Answer-Provide, trusted, affordable, universal 24-Hour Clock Correct Answer-Improve effectiveness through stand... ardization & innovation. End-to-end process to ensure mail is Collected, distributed, and delivered. USPS runs on this. Delivery Methods Correct Answer-Planes, trucks, cars, boats, bicycles, snow mobiles, mules. APC Correct Answer-Automated Postal Centers Automated Postal Centers Correct Answer-Self-serve kiosks, commercial retail outlets, banks, ATMs. Mail Arrival Profile Correct Answer-Determines operational startup & staffing. CET Correct Answer-Critical Entry Time Clearance Time Correct Answer-Mail is cleared for dispatch. 18:00 Correct Answer-Carriers in from street. 20:00 Correct Answer-80% of collection mail should be cancelled at the P&DC. 23:00 Correct Answer-Out of primary processing. 24:00 Correct Answer-Secondary Operations Complete04:00-09:00 Correct Answer-Distribute to DDC/DDU 07:00 Correct Answer-100% of DPS 2nd pass complete. Core Responsibility Correct Answer-Security, Sanctity, Preserve, Protect - Instills customer confidence, projects positive public image, maintains competitive advantage, protects privacy. PolicyNet Correct Answer-Online resource to find handbooks, manuals, publications. Directives Correct Answer-Policies, Procedures, Regulations - Effects in four ways: productivity, revenue, legal liability, customer service. DMM Correct Answer-Domestic Mail Manual Domestic Mail Manual Correct Answer-DMM - Policies, procedures and regulatins for domestic mail. Information on extra services, postage prices, mail classes. IMM Correct Answer-International Mail Manual International Mail Manual Correct Answer-IMM - Mailing conditions for each country, also includes a list of countries. ASM Correct Answer-Adminstrative Support Manual Administrative Support Manual Correct Answer-Policies, procedures for adminstrative and support functions. Information covering audits, investigations, communication, facilities, equipment and privacy. POM Correct Answer-Postal Operations Manual Postal Operations Manual Correct Answer-Operations function of field organizations. Information regarding retail, philatelic, collection, mail processing, transportation, delivery, vehical operation.ELM Correct Answer-Employee & Labor Relations Manual Employee & Labor Relations Manual Correct Answer-Personnel policies and regulations. Employee placement, pay, benefits, training, health and environment, labor relations. F101 Correct Answer-Field Accounting Procedures AS or MS Correct Answer-Handbook ID for Administrative Support Manual (ASM) DM Correct Answer-Handbook ID for Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) EL or P Correct Answer-Handbook ID for Employee & Labor Relations Manual (ELM) M Correct Answer-Handbook ID for Postal Operations Manual (POM) or Administrative Support Manual (ASM) PO Correct Answer-Handbook ID for Postal Operations Manual (POM) Publications Correct Answer-Primarily for public, marketing and mail guidelines. Postal Bulletin Correct Answer-Official source of updates and amendments to current directives. Can be accessed through PolicyNet. Biweekly. Postal Forms Correct Answer-Can be searched by title or number. Website also provides links to OPM, GSA, TSH, OSHA, OWCP. Publication 223 Correct Answer-Information regarding directives and forms catalog. #1 Business Goal Correct Answer-Strengthening customer relationship.Value, Exceptional Service, Reliability Correct Answer-Will increase revenue, missed opportunity is missed revenue, quality end-to-end service. Building Customer Relationship Correct Answer-Positive attitude, Listening, Communication, Adapting to change, Knowledge of products, Soliciting customer feedback. What the postal service offers Correct Answer-Better value, presence in every community,, competitive pricing incentives. Shipping Services Correct Answer-Priority, Express, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service, International Mail Parcel Select Correct Answer-Entry points at DDU, SCF, NDC. Optional hold for pickup. Pricing and volume incentives. Parcel Return Service Correct Answer-Consumer return merchandise. International Mail Correct Answer-Service to over 180 countries. Includes FC, GXG, PM, PMEI. GXG Correct Answer-Global Express Guaranteed Global Express Guaranteed Correct Answer-1-3 day delivery. Money-back guarantee to approximately 180 countries. Up to $100 insurance, can purchase additional up to $2499. Dimensions: Weight up to 70 lbs, 46" x 35" x 46", combination length and girth of 108" Priority Mail Correct Answer-1-3 day delivery. Includes tracking. Up to $50 insurance. Flat rate, regional, prepaid pricing. Max weight 70 lbs, max 108" length plus girth. PM subject to Balloon pricing zones 1-4, Dimensional pricing zones 5-8.Priority Mail Express Correct Answer-1-2 days. Money-back guarantee. 365 days a year. Includes proof of delivery signature (if requested), up to $100 insurance, delivery by 3:00pm. Delivery by 10:30am, Sundays, holidays for additional fee. Premier Service of USPS. Mailing Services Correct Answer-First Class, Periodicals, Standard, Package Services First Class Correct Answer-Up to 13 oz, 2-3 day delivery. Periodicals Correct Answer-Newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters. Standard Correct Answer-Printed matter: Flyers, circulars, advertising, newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, small packages. Includes general merchandise such as large/small gifts. Retail only. Media Correct Answer-Educations materials: Books, film, manuscripts, CD, DVD Library Correct Answer-To/from libraries, schools Bound Printed Matter Correct Answer-Permanently bound: catalogs, phone books. BMEU Extra Services Correct Answer-Certified, Insurance, Registered, USPS Tracking, Signature Confirmation, Return Receipt [Show More]

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