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HESI Practice test questions and answers Rated A+. 2022/2023 update.

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HESI Practice test questions and answers Rated A Within liver cells, glycogen can be decomposed to yield glucose. For this process to occur, which substance must also be present? Correct Answer-glu... cagon and epinephrine At which phase of meiosis does crossing over occur? Correct Answer-Prophase 1 Which cellular process results in the formation of sugar from carbon dioxide? Correct Answer-Calvin cycle What is the name for the small, tail-like projection from the cellular membrane that is used for locomotion? Correct Answer-Flagella Which word refers to the lowest region of the spinal cord? Correct Answer-Lumbar The Phalynx is a(n) Correct Answer-bone The dermis is classified s a(n) Correct Answer-organ Upper motor neurons originate in which area of the body? Correct Answer-Motor area of the cerebral hemispheres Where are the pressoreceptors and chemoreceptors (specialized sensory nerves that assist with the regulation of circulation and respiration) located? Correct Answer-Carotid Body Where are the baroreceptors located? Correct Answer-Aorta Which sturcture is an example of a long bone? Correct Answer-metatarsalWhich structure is divided into four lobes? Correct Answer-liver Eye movement and papillary reflexes originate in which part of the central nervous system? Correct Answer-Midbrain Which vessel transports blood from the lung to the heart? Correct Answer-Pulmonary vein What does the word 'pulmonary' mean? Correct Answer-lungs Venous refers to which part of the body system? Correct Answer-Circulation What is the primary sympathetic neurohormone? Correct Answer-norepinephrine An improper balance between calcium and which substance can adversely affect the growth of healthy bone tissue? Correct Answer-phosphorus The function of the pulmonary veins is to carry ________________? Correct Answer-oxygenated blood to the left atrium What substance causes extreme dilation of arterioles and capillaries, stagnating blood flow within the tissues and leading to profound shock? Correct Answer-Histamine What is the expected pH of the stomach? Correct Answer-0.90 to 1.50 What mineral is responsible for muscle contraction? Correct Answer-Calcium Bile is secreted into which organ? Correct Answer-Small intestines What is the function of glucocorticoids that are secreted from the adrenal cortex? Correct Answercarbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolismWhat does parathyroid hormone regulate? Correct Answer-Calcium What is the function of aldosterone? Correct Answer-Conserves sodium in [Show More]

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hesi exam bundle, All exam questions and answers, Graded A+

All you need tompass the hesi exam. A constitute of exam quetsions and answer. rated A+

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