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PMP Certification Questions and Answers Latest 2022 A+ Work (Recommended)

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PMP Certification Questions and Answers Latest 2022 A+ Work (Recommended) Change Control Board Correct Answer-Group whose function is to review, approve or reject changes on the project as they re... late to the various areas of the represented bussiness Change Control System Correct Answer-Used to asses the impact and consequnces of requested changes on the project Contraints Correct Answer-Factors that limits project options such as the number of people available, amount of time or money available to finish the job or other resources or assest issues 1. Close out any contracts w/ outside vendors 2. Deliver any required reports assoc. w/ closure (Opa updates) 3. Complete any Close Project of Phase activites 4. Performed Lessons Learned 5. Complete Archives of any project Files (OPA updates) 6. Release resources for other projects Correct Answer-General Closing Order of itmes for a project (6)Opportunity that allows the team to learn from past experience and improve on the project as the complete it. LL can come along before the end on the project . If they come at the end administrative procedures come into play Correct Answer-What are Lessons Learned? 1. To develop a consistent process to evaluate changes 2. To create an environment in which you can review and approve appropiate changes to modify the project for the better. 3. To set communication standards so the project team can communicate those changes to the appropiate stakeholders Correct Answer-3 main goals of a configuration mgmt system Project Managment Plan Correct Answer-A cumulative document that contains all the documents used in the project mgmt apporach on the project. It describes the steps associated w/ executing, monitoring and controlling and closing Product Verification Lesson Learned Updating records - Project files, contract files Reporting Archiving Formal Acceptance Correct Answer-Closing a Project Includes the Following (3) When you perform project mgmt part of the concept of planning is to deal with items unkown, here you must make assumptions for scheduling and budgeting. In most cases as the project evolves you learn more about it Correct Answer-Know Assumptions as they relate to a ProjectPMIS Correct Answer-Used for communication and information distribution on the project not necessarily a high tech system but whatever is used for project communication on the project. Normally a mixture of technology and non-technology. Project Scope is built Correct Answer-What is the result of Executing? Project Charter and Stakholders are Identified Correct Answer-What is the result of Initiating? Corrective Action Correct Answer-What is the result of Monitoring and Controlling? results in the product, service or result transition of the project Correct Answer-What is the result of Closing? Characteristics of the PMO (3) A centralized area for all 1.PM personnel to and be assigned. 2. for documentation a process support 3. For Project mgmt support and auditing of projects. Correct Answer-Characteristics of the PMO (3) Mgmt by Projects Correct Answer-Performing day to day operations by a project Mgmt approach... Project Initiation Correct Answer-The process that result in the authorization of a project..Planning Process Correct Answer-The process required to develop the activites to attain objective.. Project Mgmt Correct Answer-Emcompasses project of similar work or correlated activites managed in a coordinated way to attain benefits that could not achieved separately Project Life Cycle Correct Answer-Process of completing work on the Project. It is not the management of the work, but rather the work process. Can be describe what work is done (and who does the work ) in each phase of the project, what the deliverables are, and the approval for each phase Sub Project Correct Answer-A smaller piece of the project as a result of decomposition; is usually created as a result of creating the work breakdown structure Characterisitics of Project(5) Correct Answer-Has a specific purpose Creates specific results Has a start a nd finish Temporary Could be progressively elaborated as more is learn Product Life Cycle Correct Answer-Involves the product or service from concept to divestment (closure) This cycle typically begins with a business plan end with a product or service Project Mgmt Life Cycle in 5 process group Correct Answer-Initating Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling ClosingProjects (or project selection) are typically authorized as result of the following Correct Answer-Market Demand Strategic Opportunity Customer Request Technological Advance Legal requirements Program Management Correct Answer-A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not availble from managing the individually Strategic Planning Correct Answer-Practice by which a company looks into the furture for products or services it must have, typically 3 to 5 years in the future. Projects are the tools that company will use to implement the strategic goals Scope time cost Correct Answer-What is the triple contraints? Quality gurus HR gurus Comm Channels Fromula Expected Monetary Value Formula Four Core Earned Value Formula Standard Deviation Values Triangular pert formulas Correct Answer-10 things remember for a brain dump Process groups /Knowledge areas are number by Correct Answer-2 - 20 - 8 - 10 - 2Portfolio Correct Answer-A group of programs of projects related and managed in a coordinated way to achieve specific strategic business goals Program Correct Answer-A group of related projected project that are managed to obtain synergistic benefits and control Projectized Organization Correct Answer-An Organizational which authorizes the project manager to assign resources to the project to establish priorities and to direct the work of the project Portfolio Mgmt Correct Answer-Mgmt of various portfolios that include the project and programs of which they consist can in prioritization, authorization, mgmt Opportunity that allows the team to learn from past experience and improve on the project as the complete it. LL can come along before the end on the project . If they come at the end administrative procedures come into play Correct Answer-What are Lessons Learned? Baseline Correct Answer-The original estimate plus any approve changes. it is the value against which the work results (somtimes called actuals) are compared Anything that ends with a plan or baseline Correct Answer-Components of the project Mgmt Plan..Configuration Mgmt Correct Answer-Process used to control product features and details through change control 1. Anyone whose has an authority to create a charter. 2. even a PM - but it must be signed by someone who can invest authority for the project w/ the PM typically Senior Mgmt Correct Answer-Who creates a the Project Charter? Develop Project Charter Correct Answer-Process of developing a document that formally authorizes a project or a phase and document initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholders needs and expectations Work Authorization System Correct Answer-Formal or informal system used in project mgmt to ensure that work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people 4.1 Develop Project Charter 4.2 Develop Proj Mgmt Plan 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution 4.4 Monitor and Control Work 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control 4.6 Close Project or Phase Correct Answer-6 process for Project Integration Mangement (6)Organization Process Assest Correct Answer-Inputs to many process that deal with variables external to the project, such as information systems and company policies and procedures. They can include processes, definitions, templates, orgranization communications needs It's important to explain the impact of requested changes to the authorized requestor or sponsor and let that person make the call on approving the changes based on the impact Correct Answer-Know how to correctly interpret stakeholder requests for project changes. Enterprise Environmental Factors Correct Answer-Inputs to many processes because they deal w/ variables external to the project such as gov't regulations and market conditions. Examples are org structures gov't standards, personnel policies, business market. RC- request made by someone on a project not approved and has no impact AC - Request that have been made through the change control system and approved. They are appart now part of the project w/ any potential impact now affecting the project. Correct Answer-Difference between Requested changes and approved changes? Project Mgmt plan Correct Answer-What is the result of Planning? Run Chart Correct Answer-Used to track technical performance such as how well something works or schedule or cost performance such as how things were completed on time or budget, respectively Team Member - Responsible for the quality of their own work.PM- Responsible for quality standards for the project Senior Exe - Responsible for the quality standards at the company Correct Answer-Who is responsible for quality and at what level? Population Testing - you test every item Sample testing - you determine how much of something must be tested to ensure that defects are caught Correct Answer-Difference between Sample and Population Testing? Design of Experiments Correct Answer-Statistical process used to determine the factors that can influence variables associated with a process or product Variable Correct Answer-Characteristic that the Perform Quality Control process is to measure. It is a generic characteristic or property, such as capacity or height. Attribute Correct Answer-A specific measurement being recorded - for example square ft., inches or meters. ISO 9000 (International Organization Correct Answer-Standard is associcated with companies that wish to document their process and adhere to those processes. Document what you do Do what you documentDocument any variance (from the normal process) Correct Answer-ISO 3 Steps Is the likelihood that something will occur. It can be expressed in a percentage (1% 75% 100%) or (0.01, 0.75, 1.0) The sum of all probabilities equals 100% or 1.0 Correct Answer-What is Probabilities? Sigma is also know as Standard Deviation. It is considered the quality standard. 1 Sigma - 68.26% 2 Sigma - 95.45% 3. Sigma - 99.73% Correct Answer-What is Sigma? Quality Correct Answer-The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements. Compliance with compliance Variable Correct Answer-A quality characteristic measured in increments Attribute Correct Answer-A quality charateristic that either is classified as conforming or nonconforming Total Quality Management (TQM) Correct Answer-A quality philosophy that focuses on a proactive attitude toward quality with a detail toward statistical analysis to document improvement.Customer Satisfaction Prevention over inspection Continous Improvement Management Responsibility Correct Answer-Modern quality managment complements projects. Both disciplines recognize the importance of: (4) Fishbone AKA cause/effect diagram Correct Answer-Tool you can use initially in a project to evaluate what could potentially cause defects. You can use it during the project to review symptoms to determine the real problem (continue to ask questions until the root cause is determine) Demings 14 principles of managment are generally seen as the founding basis for total quality managment Points are: 1. be proactive, not reactive 2. Utilize leadership and accountability 3. Measure and strive for constant improvement Correct Answer-Who is W Edward Deming ? Conformance- company pay for quality in a proactive way, typically up front in the planning area of a project ie - increase morale Nonconformance - company pays for quality in a reactive way, on the back end - decrease morale - decrease customer perception Correct Answer-Cost of Conformance and nonconformance examples...Design of Experiments Correct Answer-Key tool that is a statistical method or tool, that helps identify which factors may influence specific variable of a product or process under development or in production. It lets you change many factors at once. Quality Management Plan Correct Answer-Output that defines what standards to work plus how to attain and test for the standards Cost-Benefit Analysis Correct Answer-Key tool how to minimize rework and maximize satisfaction and productivity Benchmarking Correct Answer-Key tool for comparing a product or service to other standards Accuracy deals with the alignment of a value with its target value. It deals with how close the the measurement is to the target Precision deals with consistency of the output- it deals with many of the outputs meet the target Correct Answer-Difference between Precision and accuracy? CMMI 6 SIGMA LEAN 6 Sigma Quality Function Correct Answer-Proprietary Quality Management Methodolgies (4) Upper Control Limit (UCL)Lower Control Limit (LCL) Correct Answer-Represent the control points of the proces. Typically the limits are set +/- 3 sigma Upper/Lower Specification limits (USL/LSL) Correct Answer-Limits that are customer established and can be inside or outside the control limits Pareto Diagram Correct Answer-A cumulative histogram you can use to see where the key problems lie. You can see what is causing the most frequency of prob [Show More]

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