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MN 576 Final Exam - Question and Answers Highlighted 100% ACCURATE MN 576 Final Exam - Kaplan 1. In Edwards syndrome, which of the following statements is true? 2. Identify the corresponding characte... ristic of Goodell sign 3. Hypokalemia is noted in: 4. HDL levels are a better predictor of CAD in women than LDL. 5. Which patient is most at risk for a fibroadenoma of the breast? 6. Which patient should be referred out for further testing? 7. The NP is in an ideal position to provide counseling to both members of a couple involved in domestic violence, particularly if both members of the couple are members of the NP's practice panel. 8. Absolute contraindications to postmenopausal HT include: 9. Patient presentation possibly common to anxiety and depression includes: 10. Concerning the use of alcohol during pregnancy, which of the following statements is most accurate? 11. A 24-year-old woman has a new onset of panic disorder. As part of her clinical presentation, you expect to find all of following except: 12. When considering characteristics of the domestic violence perpetrator. One of the best predictors of a subsequent homicide of victims of domestic violence is which of the following? 13. Parotid Gland Enlargement is noted in: 14. Pharmacological intervention in an anxiety disorder should be: 15. Conditions that commonly mimic or can worsen anxiety include all of the following except: 16. Use of St. John's wort is known to impact the effectiveness of all of the following medications except: 17. A 45-year-old woman just had a normal Pap test result and has an absence of high-risk HPV. You recommend her next Pap test in: 18. Which test is used to confirm the diagnosis of breast cancer? 19. During pregnancy, the most intense organogenesis occurs how many days following the last menstrual period (LMP)? 20. A patient is concerned because she is experiencing some milky and sticky breast discharge. What nonmalignant condition is she most likely experiencing? 21. Increased folic acid intake before conception is likely to reduce the risk of which of the following birth defects? 22. The typical female onset of hypothyroidism is between which ages? 23. In treating a person with panic disorder using an SSRI, the NP should consider that there is: 24. The presence of an adnexal mass in the woman with PID most likely indicates the presence of: 25. Pica (ingestion of nonfood substances) during pregnancy should be considered: 26. Medications most commonly pass through the placenta via: 27. Anxiety in response to a challenging life event is a natural response by the body to: 28. A patient has been prescribed adjuvant tamoxifen therapy following breast cancer. What common side effect might she experience? 29. A transvaginal ultrasound in the woman with PID will likely show: 30. The most likely causative pathogen in a 23-year-old woman with PID is: 31. Examples of neural tube defects include all of the following except: 32. Women with PID typically present with all of the following except: 33. During well-women visits for 21- to 29-year-old sexually-active women who report more than 1 sex partner within the past 6 months, all of the following are appropriate screening tests except: 34. Esophageal Tears is noted in: 35. Women with bacterial vaginosis typically present with: 36. When initiating SSRI therapy for a patient with panic disorder, the NP should consider all of the following except: 37. In advising a perimenopausal woman about HT, you consider that it may: 38. As you develop the initial treatment plan for a woman with panic disorder, you consider prescribing: 39. Diagnostic criteria for generalized anxiety disorder include all of the following except: 40. Identify the correct uterine size during the 20th week of pregnancy 41. Maternal iron requirements are greatest during what part of pregnancy? 42. Which of the following options rank depression and thoughts about death from most common (1) to least common (3): 43. The recommended frequency of prenatal visits in weeks 28 to 32 of pregnancy is every: 44. Lanugo is noted in: 45. Malignant thyroid nodules are more common in women than men. 46. In Down syndrome, which of the following is true? 47. The most common form of acquired anemia during pregnancy is: 48. Identify the correct uterine size during the 10th week of pregnancy 49. Identify the corresponding characteristic of Chadwick sign 50. You see a 16-year-old woman with a history of C. trachomatis infection and a total of ten lifetime partners. You recommend: 51. Dysrhythmias is noted in: [Show More]

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