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AAPC CPC FINAL 2022 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)

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AAPC CPC FINAL 2022 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)When coding in operative report what action would NOT be recommended? - ✔✔Coding from the header with out reading the body of ... the report If an NCD doesn't exist for a particular service/procedure performed on a Medicare patient who determines coverage? - ✔✔Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) MAC stands for what!? - ✔✔Medicare administrative contractor What is the definition of coding? - ✔✔Translating documentation into numerical/alphabetical codes used to obtain reimbursement. How many components should be included in an effective compliance plan? - ✔✔7 Which of the following is NOT a function of the skin? - ✔✔Acts as a gland by synthesizing vitamin A. What is affected by myasthenia gravis? - ✔✔Neuromuscular junction The term "episiotomy" Best describes a procedure of what type? - ✔✔An incision made into the perineum to enlarge the passage for the fetus during delivery A patient is diagnosed with inflammation of the testes and epididymis. The medical term for this condition is: - ✔✔Orchiepididymitis A condition where the thyroid is overactive is called: - ✔✔Thyrotoxicosis What does ICD 10 CM stand for? - ✔✔International classification of diseases - 10th revised - clinical modification What is the sequencing order when coding a sequela (late effect)? - ✔✔The residual condition is coded first, in the code(s) for the cause of the late effect are coded as secondary What is the ICD 10 CM code for hives? - ✔✔L50.9 20-year-old comes into the ED with symptoms of a severe headache, vomiting, stiff neck, and fever. The ED physician suspects that the meningitis is bacterial and performs a lumber puncture. The ED physician reviews the results in the patient is admitted in the hospital for meningitis. The ED physician suspects that the meningitis is bacterial. Which ICD 10 CM code is reported by the ED physician? - ✔✔G03.9 [Show More]

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