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AHIP MODULE 4 Question and Answers (Latest 2022/2023) Verified Answers

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AHIP MODULE 4 Question and Answers (Latest 2022/2023) Verified Answers Mr. Prentice has many clients who are Medicare beneficiaries. He should review the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services'... Marketing Guidelines to ensure he is compliant for which type of products? - CORRECT ANSWER c. Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug (PDP) plans Correct Another agent working for your agency claims that because you are not employed by the Medicare Advantage plans that you represent, you are not subject to the same requirements as the plans themselves. How should you respond to such a statement? - CORRECT ANSWER c. Your coworker is not correct. Marketing on behalf of a plan is considered marketing by the plan and requires that all contracted and employed agents comply with all Medicare marketing rules. Correct You work for a company that has marketed Medigap products for many years. The company has added Medicare Advantage and Part D plans and you will begin marketing those plans this fall. You are planning what materials to use to easily show the differences in benefits, premiums and cost sharing for each of the products. What do you need to do with your materials before using them for marketing purposes? - CORRECT ANSWER b. You must submit your materials to the plan you represent, so CMS can review and approve the materials to ensure they are accurate. Correct Which of the following is a correct statement about state laws as they pertain to marketing representatives? - CORRECT ANSWER d. Medicare health plans must comply with requests for information from state insurance departments investigating complaints about a marketing representative. Correct You are seeking to represent an individual Medicare Advantage plan and an individual Part D plan in your state. You have completed the required training for each plan, but you did not achieve a passing score on the tests that came after the training. What can you do in this situation? - CORRECT ANSWER a. You will not be able to represent any Medicare Advantage or Part D plan until you complete the training and achieve an adequate score, although you will not have to take a test if you exclusively market employer/union group plans and the companies do not require testing. Correct Your colleague works at a third party marketing organization (TMO) and she said she did not need to take the Medicare training for brokers and agents or pass a test to market Medicare plans since her contract is with the TMO, not the plans that have the products she sells. What could you say to her? - CORRECT ANSWER d. You could tell her she is wrong, and that only agents selling employer/union group plans are permitted an exemption from testing, but some employer/union group plans may require testing to promote agent compliance with CMS marketing requirements. Correct Agent Armstrong is employed by XYZ Agency, which is under contract with ABC Health Plan, a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan that offers plans in multiple states. XYZ Agency maintains a website marketing the MA plans with which it has contracts. Agent Armstrong follows up with individuals who request more information about ABC MA plans via the website and tries to persuade them to enroll in ABC plans. What statement best describes the marketing and compliance rules that apply to Agent Armstrong? - CORRECT ANSWER c. Agent Armstrong needs to be licensed and appointed in every state in which beneficiaries to whom he markets ABC MA plans are located. Correct You are mailing invitations to new Medicare beneficiaries for a marketing event. You want an idea of how many people to expect, so you would like to request RSVPs. What should you keep in mind? - CORRECT ANSWER d. You may request RSVPs, but you are not permitted to require contact information. Correct Agent Antonio is preparing for a presentation on Medicare and Medicare Advantage before a local senior citizen civic group where he hopes to enroll some attendees. Which of the following steps should he take in order to be in compliance with Medicare marketing rules? - CORRECT ANSWER a. Antonio should include on the invitation a statement that a salesperson will be present with information and applications. Correct You have set up an appointment for an in-home sales presentation with Mrs. Fernandez, who expressed interest in the Medicare plans you represent. In preparation for the sales presentation, what must you do? - CORRECT ANSWER c. Prior to conducting the presentation, obtain, and document having obtained her permission to visit, along with her interest in the specific products you will present. Correct Mrs. Lu is turning 65 in November and called to ask for your help deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan. She agreed to sign a scope of appointment form and meet with you October 15. During the appointment, what are you permitted to do? - CORRECT ANSWER c. You may provide her with the required enrollment materials and take her completed enrollment application. Correct While making an appointment to discuss Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plans with a potential enrollee, you are asked to describe other types of insurance products that your client might wish to purchase. What additional types of insurance can you present during the MA and Part D marketing appointment? - CORRECT ANSWER c. You can present only health care related lines of business, but must obtain the beneficiary's permission to do so before the presentation occurs and document that you have obtained that permission. Correct A Medicare beneficiary has walked into your office and requested that you sit down with her and discuss her options under the Medicare Advantage program. Before engaging in such a discussion, what should you do? - CORRECT ANSWER d. You must have her sign a scope of appointment form, indicating which products she wishes to discuss. You may then proceed with the discussion. Correct You are meeting with Mrs. Hall in her home. On her scope of appointment form she asked to discuss Medicare Advantage plans. During the meeting, she asks to discuss a stand-alone prescription drug plan. She is leaving the next day to visit her family for a week in another state, so it is important to her to make a decision before she leaves. What must happen before that additional discussion can take place? - CORRECT ANSWER a. Since Mrs. Hall specifically asked that you discuss the stand-alone Part D plan, you may do so, as long as she signs a new scope of appointment form first, indicating that she wants to discuss the Part D plan. Correct Which of the following statements best describes how business reply cards (BRCs) may be employed in the marketing of Medicare Advantage products? - CORRECT ANSWER b. A BRC may be used to document a beneficiary's scope of appointment agreement provided it has been submitted to CMS for approval and includes a statement informing the beneficiary that a salesperson may call. Correct [Show More]

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