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Test Bank for Corporate Finance Core Principles and Applications, 6e, 6th Edition by Stephen A. Ross,Randolph W. Westerfield,Jeffrey F. Jaffe,Bradford D. Jordan TEST BANK ISBN-13: 9781260013894 Full... chapters included PART ONE: Overview Ch. 1 Introduction to Corporate Finance Ch. 2 Financial Statements and Cash Flow Ch. 3 Financial Statements Analysis and Financial Models PART TWO: Valuation and Capital Budgeting Ch. 4 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Ch. 5 Interest Rates and Bond Valuation Ch. 6 Stock Valuation Ch. 7 Net Present Value and Other Investment Rules Ch. 8 Making Capital Investment Decisions Ch. 9 Risk Analysis, Real Options, and Capital Budgeting PART THREE: Risk and Return Ch. 10 Risk and Return: Lessons from Market History Ch. 11 Return and Risk: The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Ch. 12 Risk, Cost of Capital, and Valuation PART FOUR: Capital Structure and Dividend Policy Ch. 13 Efficient Capital Markets and Behavioral Challenges Ch. 14 Capital Structure: Basic Concepts Ch. 15 Capital Structure: Limits to the Use of Debt Ch. 16 Dividends and Other Payouts PART FIVE: Special Topics Ch. 17 Options and Corporate Finance Ch. 18 Short-Term Finance and Planning Ch. 19 Raising Capital Ch. 20 International Corporate Finance Ch. 21 Mergers and Acquisitions (web only) [Show More]

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