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NUR 2392 / NUR2392: Multidimensional Care II / MDC 2 Exam 1 Blueprint (Latest 2021 / 2022)

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NUR 2392 Multidimensional Care II Exam 1 Blueprint Tumor 1. Define (associate the 9 characteristics/features of each) Benign: • Specific morphology – resemble the tissues they originated from • ... A smaller nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio – similar to normal cells • Specific differentiated function – contributes to the body function • Tight adherence - bind closely together due to the production of fibronectin • No migration – do not invade other tissues • Orderly growth – rate of growth is normal by expansion • Euploidy – normal chromosomes per cell Malignant tumor: • Anaplasia – loss of appearance of parent cell • A larger nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio – larger nucleus • Specific functions are lost – serve no purpose • Loose adherence – loosely bound due to the lack of fibronectin production • Migration – spread easily (metastasize) • Contact inhibition does not occur – loss of cellular regulation • Rapid or continuous cell division – loss of cellular regulation • Aneuploidy – Abnormal chromosomes 2. What elements influence the growth of a cancer tumor? • Exposure to the carcinogens (tobacco, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone drugs, pollution) • Genetic predisposition • Immunity 3. List and describe the steps of the Carcinogenesis: 1. Initiation – normal cells become damaged which is irreversible and leads to cancer development 2. Promotion – repeat exposure enhances cell growth which leads to mutation 3. Progression – increase in the production of malignant cells 4. Metastasis – movement of cells from the primary site 4. What step in carcinogenesis is irreversible? - Initiation 5. Describe the origin of the following cancers (where in the body) • Leukemias and lymphomas – Leukemias arise from organs that form blood and invade the production of the normal blood cells. Lymphomas affect the lymphocytes, which fight infections and produce enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin. • Carcinomas – originate in the epithelial cells of the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, breast, prostate, and thyroid and are likely to metastasize • Sarcomas – originate in soft tissues such as the muscles, blood vessels, bone, and connective tissues. [Show More]

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NUR2392/NUR 2392 MDC2 Final Exam Study Guide|Final exams 2 versions |final exam 1 blueprint

NUR2392/NUR 2392 MDC2 Final Exam Study Guide|Final exams 2 versions |final exam 1 blueprint

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