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TMC PRACTICE 2022 (questions with 100% verified correct answers)A patient receiving O2 via concentrator at 2L/min at home complains he can't feel O2 coming out the prongs of the cannula. Which of the... following should the RT do first? a. Place the cannula under water and see if bubbling occurs b. Attach the cannula to a cylinder/flowmeter setup c. Increase the flow to 5L/min d. Replace the concentrator with a new one - >>>>a. Place the cannula under water and see if bubbling occurs The first step is to check to make sure there is flow passing through the cannula by having the patient remove the cannula and place it in a cup of water. Bubbling will occur if there is flow. If no bubbling occurs, the patient should make sure the cannula is attached to the flowmeter outlet and the flowmeter is turned on. If there's any doubt, the patient should connect the cannula to the cylinder back-up and call the home care company. A pt is breathing 16 times per minute and has a Vt of 450mL. What is this pt's minute ventilation? a. 4.2L b. 6.1L c. 7.2L d. 8.6L - >>>>c. 7.2L Vt x R = Ve A pt is breathing spontaneously using a 50% aerosol mask with the following ABG: ph: 7.36 CO2: 43 O2: 48 HCO3: 24 Based on this information, the most appropriate recommendation is which of the following? a. Initiate CPAP b. Increase the O2 percentage to 70% c. Change to a nonrebreathing mask d. Change to a simple O2 mask at 10L/min - >>>>a. Initiate CPAP A PaO2 of 55 mm Hg on 50% oxygen indicates refractory hypoxemia. Increasing the FIO2 most likely won't improve the PaO2 in addition to increasing the potential for lung [Show More]

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