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Barkley FNP Review What does a positive posterior drawer sign in a 10-year-old soccer player signify? a) Normal knee b) Instability of the knee c) Swelling on the knee d) Injury to the meniscus -... ANS: B The drawer test is used to identify mediolateral or anteroposterior plane instability of the knee. The test is performed on the unaffected and affected knee for comparison. The anterior drawer test evaluates the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). To perform the test, the patient lies supine and the knee is placed at 90-degree flexion. Grasp the posterior aspect of the tibia over the upper calf muscle; then, with a steady force, try to push the lower leg forward and backward. Anterior or posterior movement of the knee is positive. With the leg extended, stabilize the femur with one hand and the ankle with the other. Try to abduct and adduct the knee. There should be no medial or lateral movement. A patient injures an ankle while playing soccer and reports rolling the foot inward while falling with immediate pain and swelling of the lateral part of the joint. The patient is able to bear weight and denies hearing an audible sound at the time of injury. What does this history indicate? [Show More]

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