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1. An informal communication network is typically called a a. chat network b. chain c. contextual system d. grapevine 2. Which channel of communication is lowest in richness? a. Video confer... ences b. E-mail c. Memos & letters d. Telephone conversations 3. Jessica needs to describe her vision for an important ad campaign to three of the new team members. What should Jessica do? a. Schedule a meeting b. Send an e-mail c. Write a memo d. Publish a formal report 4. Checking a book’s preface, reading a blurb found on a book jacket cover, & looking for thumbnail biographies at the beginning & end of a source of information are all part of a. evaluating style & tone b. evaluating credentials c. evaluating currency d. evaluating biases 5. When you write a paragraph based on _____________, the topic sentence should clearly summarize the range of evidence you use a. deduction b. induction c. synopsis d. analysis 6. Which developmental method is useful for helping managers to understand their inner feelings & values? a. outdoor challenge programs b. personal growth programs c. mentoring programs d. multisource feedback workshops 7. According to Yukl, the difference between exchange & collaboration as an influence tactic is a. exchange involves personal trade-offs b. collaboration involves a joint effort to accomplish the same objective c. collaboration does not entail problem-solving d. exchange is a motivator whereas collaboration is not 8. Which condition is likely to encourage ethical behavior in organizations? a. Strong emphasis on individual productivity b. Cultural values for obedience to authority c. Intense competition for valued rewards d. Cultural values for individual responsibility 9. Which statement about moral development of leaders is correct? a. Moral development occurs naturally as a person becomes older & more experienced as a leader b. Someone at the highest level of moral development will risk social rejection to achieve an important ethical objective c. Most people conform to social norms even if they do not have a strong moral self identity d. The consequences of actions are more important than formal rules & laws for determining whether a person's behavior will be ethical 10. Which of the following questions will help individuals & organizations when deciding if their decisions are ethical? a. Do I feel good about this decision? b. Is it balanced? c. Has it been done before? d. Is there a desirable alternative? 11. Shelby recently started selling her invention: A bed that uses magnetic forces to appear as if it floats in mid-air. Shelby is a. an arbitrageur b. an entrepreneur c. a speculator d. an account manager 12. Kenya recently quit a job with a large corporation to start her own business. While she realizes that her decision comes with risk, she is excited for the chance to be independent & by the challenges of running her own firm. Kenya is an example of a. an intrapreneur. b. an entrepreneur. c. a venture capitalist. d. a raconteur. 13. Which of the following entails the greatest amount of risk? a. Working for the government b. Working for a large business c. Working for a small business d. Starting a business 14. Which of the following is a major role of business managers today in meeting the wants & needs of the company’s stakeholders? a. Promoting quality of life b. Balancing the demands for higher salaries & stockholders’ profits c. Outsourcing d. Identifying potential customers 15. In performing a SWOT Analysis, which of the following would be considered as a threat? a. Falling trade barriers in attractive foreign markets b. Ability to grow due to increased market demand c. Vulnerability to recession & business cycles d. Subpar profitability 16. Bull's-eye, a regional discount retailer, carefully watches & compares its operation with the operations of its closest rivals. This firm does a. outsourcing b. functional positioning c. core competency ranking d. competitive benchmarking 17. Which of the following is a key step in the accounting cycle? a. Recording information into journals b. Collecting data from customers c. Forecasting expenses & revenues d. Preparing the advertising message 18. A firm would use data mining if it wanted to a. store copies of crucial data in several different locations to protect against its loss during disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or terrorist attacks. b. protect its data from unauthorized outsiders. c. increase the rate at which information flows through a firm's intranet. d. discover hidden relationships among the data it accumulates. 19. Free trade means a. buyers & sellers contract with each other & offer some goods at no cost b. goods & services can be traded freely across borders without political or economic barriers c. there is no exchange of currency for these products d. there is no exchange of currency, but the trading partners determine the value of the product & perform a bartering process to exchange goods 20. Why does it make sense to trade with other nations? a. After producing all the product & service its people want & need, a nation can sell the excess products to the world. b. Some nations have lots of natural resources & technological know-how. They have an ethical obligation to offer the rest to other nations. c. A nation can watch the global market to see which product is bringing the highest price & start producing & trading that product. d. A nation will produce what it can produce most efficiently & effectively & buy from other nations what they can produce most efficiently & effectively. 21. Which of the following is true about economies of scale? a. They are available to small firms but not to large firms due to management inefficiencies. b. They are achieved when a firm reduces its average cost of production as it produces more. c. They can be avoided by purchasing supplies & raw materials in large quantities. d. They help explain the success of small businesses. 22. Which of the following correctly identifies the explanation behind the unity of command principle of management? a. Organization design will benefit by the emergence of quick decision-making. b. Organization design will eliminate systems of hierarchy & chains of command due to their hindrance of esprit de corps. c. Organizations that grow will develop several layers of management & the time that it takes to make a decision will increase. d. There will be a significant reduction of work force due to specialization & departmentalization. 23. For many years, Congressman Ricardo Perez has called for more government regulation of business. "After all," the Congressman said recently, "businesspeople are out to make a profit, not to create jobs or serve their customers. The government must pass more laws to require businesses to take the interests of consumers & workers into account." From these comments, it is clear that Congressman Perez a. agrees with the ideas of Thomas Malthus b. does not accept the “invisible hand” idea brought forth by Adam Smith c. is unaware of the fact that most businesses in the United States are owned by the government d. does not realize that government regulation is already the main determinant of business decisions in capitalist economies 24. Which of the following is a valid statement about contingent workers? a. An increasing number of companies are hiring skilled professionals such as accountants as part of their contingent workforce. b. Contingent workers are seldom skilled professionals. c. By law, employers must provide contingent workers the same salary & benefits as permanent employees. d. By law, companies cannot hire contingent workers as part of the management team. 25. Which of the following is a challenge that is facing the human resource managers of today? a. Too many unemployed scientists & computer engineers b. An increasing number of Gen Yers in the workforce c. A shift in employee attitudes toward work d. An increased demand for uniformity in benefits offered to employees 26. As part of the HR planning process, the manager begins by assessing the current labor situation at his or her company. Essentially, this means a. preparing job analyses b. preparing job descriptions c. preparing job specifications d. taking an inventory of current employees & their capabilities. 27. During a recession, which of the following statements best describe how a business is affected? a. rices fall, people purchase fewer products, & businesses fail b. rices rise & people purchase fewer products c. Liing standards tend to remain about the same d. More companies seek globalization 28. A SWOT analysis is conducted & some of the details of the analysis include: many hoices for customers, very customer oriented, & repeat customers. These are all xamples of which part of the SWOT analysis? a. hreats b. trengths c. Oportunities d. eaknesses 29. Which of the following would be considered a strategy? a. eveloping short term actions about what is to be done b. xplaining why a company exists c. Dtermining the major company goals d. dentifying how a company will achieve goals 30. Which of the following would be considered a tactic? a. etting up work schedules b. Developing budgets c. Determining quality specifications d. Creating performance appraisal 27) Public policy makers have developed a substantial body of laws & regulations to govern advertising. For these reasons, an important step in developing an advertising campaign is _____________. A. asking network censors what to cut out of the communication B. the creative development of the message C. the social responsibility review D. preparing a copy strategy statement 28) Within the last couple years several cosmetics manufacturers have introduced non-clumping mascara. Revlon was one of these manufacturers. Revlon should use ________ advertising to increase selective demand for its non-clumping mascara. A. descriptive B. persuasive C. reminder D. informative 29) Hospitals are engaged in intense competition to fill maternity beds. What type of advertising would hospitals most likely use to advertise their new amenities like hot tubs in every room, filet mignon or lobster on the menu, & afternoon teas for the new mothers & their families? . descriptive . persuasive . reminder . informative 30) _____________ is the key ingredient in marketing campaigns & consists of a diverse collection of short-term incentive tools designed to influence trial, purchase, & interests of consumers & wholesalers. . Advertising . Public relations . Sales promotion . Personal selling [Show More]

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