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BIOS 242-Micro quiz 1-with verified answers-2022

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BIOS 242-Micro quiz 1-with verified answers-2022 (TCO 1) Which of the following is not a microscopic organism that Leeuwenhoek was able to observe under the microscope he constructed in 1... 674? Algae Bacteria Archaea Viruses Small multicellular animals Chapter 1, The Early Years of Microbiology section (TCO 1) The swan-necked flasks of Pasteur’s experiments . Correct Answer allowed for airflow without allowing the introduction of environmental microbes turned the flask cloudy contributed to supporting the theory of spontaneous generation allowed the flasks to temporarily turn cloudy and then become clear after a period of time All of the above Chapter 1, The Golden Age of Microbiology section CONTINUED......... [Show More]

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