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Melissa Franks Telehealth and i-Human Nursing Notes from telehealth • Melissa Franks 26 years old; 34 weeks & 3 days pregnant • No known allergies • Called into telehealth because she fell a... t 12:15pm going up her stairs and fell onto her stomach • She is experiencing vaginal bleeding • Vaginal bleeding is enough to fill a pad and explained it as “both dark red and bright” • She rates her abdominal pain as 7/10; feels like an aching/pressure pain • She also believes she has had about 5-6 contractions in the last hour since she fell; she feels her baby move in current time • She is also experiencing back pain • We have advised the patient to call 911 to get an ambulance to take her to the hospital • She refused an ambulance and she stated she cannot afford that due to the current COVID-19 situation. She also expressed her concern about going to the ER and getting exposed to COVID-19. • We advised to call a family member and that she needs to go to the ER immediately because her and her baby’s life is at risk. • She expressed she would find someone to take her to the hospital and hung up the phone abruptly [Show More]

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