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ATI Teas 6 Exam *Science* Endergonic (associated w/ enzymes) - A chemical reaction that requires energy to occur Catalyst ( associated w/ enzymes) - Something that speeds up a chemical reaction but ... is not changed in the process Activation Energy (associated w/ enzymes) - The energy needed to initiate a chemical reaction Specific (associated w/ enzymes) - The observation that an enzyme catalyzes a limited chemical reaction w/ a specific substrate and product Fastidious (associated w/ enzymes) - Requiring narrow environmental conditions Substrate (associated w/ enzymes) - reactant of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction Exergonic (associated w/ enzymes) - Chemical reaction that release energy as a product Which of the following is a carbohydrate w/ structural functions? A.) gluten B.) lipoprotein C.) glycogen D.) chitin - D.) chitin Chitin - A nitrogen containing carbohydrate that is an important constituent of cell walls of fungi and animal exoskeletons Polymer - A substance composed of similar units bonded together Nucleic Acids - Long molecules made of nucleotides; DNA and RNA * RNA consists of ribonucleotides containing a ribose sugar, a nitrogenous base cadenine, guanine, cytosine, or uracil *DNA, typically double stranded helix that stores genetic information [Show More]

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