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ERSC181 B001 Introduction to Geology| APUS_ERSC181_WEEK_8_FINAL_EXAM_2022/ Week 8 Final Exam ERSC181.

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Week 8 Final Exam (timed and single access) Overall Grade (highest attempt): 96 / 100 - 96 % Question 1 2/2 points Pyroclastic flows are more associated with __________. ocean hot spots stratovol... canoes shield volcanoes flood basalts cinder cones Question 2 2/2 points In the rock cycle, what processes directly link igneous rocks to metamorphic rocks? compaction and cementation melting and crystallization deposition and lithification recrystallization by high heat and pressure weathering and erosion Question 3 2/2 points The primary basis for classifying detrital (clastic) rocks is _______, whereas the primary basis for classifying chemical rocks is ________. particle size ; m [Show More]

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