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NMLS Laws and Regulations Latest Updated 2022 Rated A

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CFPB ✔✔Consumer Financial Protection Bureau What does the CFPB do? ✔✔Regulates RESPA, TILA, ECOA, and HMDA FTC ✔✔Federal Trade Commission What does the FTC do? ✔✔Monitors Red Flag R... ules RESPA ✔✔Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act What does RESPA do? ✔✔•Protects homeowners of Single, 1-4 family dwellings, condos, & homes manufactured on lot. •Educates borrowers costs of loan • Eliminates kickbacks and referral fees (section 8) • Establishes rules for escrow What Regulation is RESPA? ✔✔Reg X (X-ray of my RESPAtory system) Who oversees RESPA? ✔✔(CFPB) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau How long must records be kept under RESPA? ✔✔5 years ( [Show More]

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