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CPCE Practice Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions

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CPCE Practice Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions Freud's stages are psychosexual while Erik Erikson's stages are... A) Psychometric B) Psychodiagnostic C) Psychopharmacological D) Psy... chosocial ✔✔D) Psychosocial In Freud's psychodynamic theory instincts are emphasized. Erik Erikson is an ego psychologist. Ego psychologists... A) Emphasize the id processes B) Refute the concept of the superego C) Believe in man's powers of reasoning to control behavior D) Are sometimes known as radical behaviorists ✔✔C) Believe in man's powers of reasoning to control behavior The only psychoanalyst who created a developmental theory which encompasses the entire life span was... A) Erik Erikson B) Milton H. Erickson C) A.A. Brill D) Jean Piaget, who created the four stage theory ✔✔A) Erik Erikson Has 8 stages representing a psychosocial crisis/turning point. Final stage does not begin until age 60 The statement, "the ego is dependent on the id," would most likely reflect the work of... A) Erik Erikson B) Sigmund Freud, who created the psychodynamic theory C) Jay Haley D) Arnold Lazarus, William Perry and Robert Kegan ✔✔B) Sigmund Freud (In Freudian theory, the id=the pleasure principle. Erikson emphasizes the power of control. Haley is known for strategic and problem-solving therapy. Lazaras is pioneer in behavior therapy. Robert Perry ✔✔-Known for ideas related to adult cognitive development -Stresses dualistic thinking (conceptualize things as good or bad and right or wrong) -Enter adulthood and move into relativistic thinking (ability to perceive that not everything is right or wrong) Jean Piaget's idiographic approach created his theory with four stages. The correct order from stage 1 to stage 4 is.... A) formal operations, concrete operations, preoperations, sensorimotor B) Formal operations, preoperations, concrete operations, sensorimotor C) Sensorimotor, preoperations, concrete operations, formal operations D) Concrete operati [Show More]

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