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Google Analytics (1) Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2022 Rated A

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Using tracking code, Google Analytics can report on data from which systems? ✔✔E-commerce platforms Mobile Applications Online point-of-sales systems To collect data using Google Analytics, wh... ich steps must be completed? ✔✔Create an Analytics account Add Analytics tracking code to each webpage The Analytics tracking code can collect which of the following? ✔✔Language the browser is set to Type of browser Device and operating system When will Google Analytics end a session by default? ✔✔When a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more or closes a browser window Once Google Analytics processes data, it's stored in a database where it can't be modified. ✔✔True Which represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account from top to bottom ✔✔Account>Property>View A user with "edit" permissions at the Account level will automatically have "edit" permissions at which other levels? [Show More]

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