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Phlebotomy National Exam Study Guide Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already Passed

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Phlebotomy National Exam Study Guide Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already PassedOSHA Correct Answer-Occupational Saftey & Health Administration What vaccination does OSHA require all health ca... re personnel get? Correct Answer-OSHA requires that all health care personnel exposed to blood and other bodily fluids must receive a vaccination against Hepatitis B Pulmonary Edema Correct Answer-Fluid in the lungs How much blood can a person donate in a session? Correct Answer-500 mL Patients have the right to what? Correct Answer-Under the Patient Bill Of Rights they always have the option to decline medical treatment and to know what tests are being performed on them. What can you NOT give a patient? Correct Answer-Results or a diagnosis. Because you are not medically qualified to do so. Negligence is? Correct Answer-Failure to give appropriate care. DON'T BE NEGLIGENT! PPE stands for? Correct Answer-Personal Protective Equipment One of the most important practices is? Correct Answer-Hand Washing is one of the most important (and easiest) practices used to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens Needles should never be Correct Answer-recapped Sharps containers must be what? Correct Answer-puncture-resistent, leak proof on the sides and bottom and must be labeled or color-coded [Show More]

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