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AEMT Test 364 Questions with Correct Answers

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AEMT Test 364 Questions with Correct Answers The transition from childhood to adulthood is known as which of the following? >>> Adolescence A patient who is hypoxic has a pulmonary disease that in... volves low lung compliance. As such, you realize: >>> ventilation with a bag-valve-mask will require more effort Which of the following would be a normal set of vitals for a two-year-old man patient? >>> Heart rate 110/minute, respiratory rate 24/minute, and systolic blood pressure of 80 mmHg Which of the following religious groups believes that following the Eightfold Path ends desire and suffering, and leads to Nirvana? >>> Buddhist Which of the following allows for smooth movement of bone surfaces against one another at joints? >>> Cartilage A seven-year-old boy has fallen 15 feet out of a tree house. He is alert and oriented and his vital signs are all within normal limits. You should: >>> Assume he may have a serious injury Which of the following are cell fragments that are attracted to injured tissues to initiate the blood clotting process? >>> Platelets Your 68-year-old patient is in cardiac arrest. His wife states that he was working in the yard and just slumped over. What should you suspect is the cause of his cardiac arrest? >>> A pulseless ventricular rhythm Swelling from edema within the airway structures is the MOST common cause of: >>> Decreased external respiration When a person is in shock, which of the following is occurring in the body? >>> The cells are not getting enough oxygen and waste products are accumulating The cycle which consists of the movement of ions and the associated differences in electrical charge across the cell membranes is called the >>> Cardiac action potential You are assessing a 12-year-old male patient who has been involved in a bicycle accident. This patient would be classified as being in which stage of life? >>> School Age Which of the following can occur as a result of hypothermia? >>> Signs of parasympathetic nervous system response include: >>> Constricted pupils Which of the following are located within the retroperitoneal space and not within the peritoneal cavity? >>> Pancreas In which of the following conditions would the tissues require more oxygen? >>> presence of fever You suspect that your patient has been exposed to carbon monoxide due to a faulty furnace. How does carbon monoxide harm the body? >>> CO knocks O2 from the hemoglobin molecule Middle adulthood is the stage of life from __ to __ years. >>> 41; 60 In which culture would you see that negative emotions, such as anger, are sometimes not expressed openly and politeness is highly valued? >>> Asian The process by which glucose and other nutrients are converted into energy is called: >>> Metabolism Your patient is an 86-year-old man with a cardiac history. He takes blood thinners and a beta blocker for his heart. He is quite cool to the touch and his pulse oximeter reading is 87 percent. This is concerning because you know that: >>> hypothermia causes a shift in the oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the circulatory phase of cardiac arrest? >>> CPR before defibrillation is more effective Which of the following is CORRECT regarding stroke volume? >>> Stroke volume fails to compensate if the heart rate falls under 50 bpm Which of the following types of shock includes the presence of warm, dry skin below the level of injury and a normal pulse rate? >>> Neurogenic What is the typical life span of a red blood cell? >>> 120 days The relationship between alveolar blood flow and alveolar airflow is called the: >>> Ventilation-perfusion ration All of the following influence life expectancy EXCEPT: >>> Height Which of the following would result from an acute myocardial infarction? >>> inadequate heart function Which of the following would be the MOST common cause of anaphylaxis? >>> Antibiotic [Show More]

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