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Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice 5th Edition by Smith Parker test bank A well elaborated test bank with questions and answers Chapter 1 Statement of Intent The intent of this chapter is to offer ... an approach to understanding nursing theory within the context of the discipline of nursing, define the discipline of nursing and theory, describe the purpose of theory for the discipline of nursing, identify the structure of the discipline of nursing, and speculate on the future of nursing theory. Key Terms Nursing Community of scholars Nursing knowledge Discipline Professional practice Theory Paradigm Worldviews Framework Metaparadigm Philosophy Conceptual model Grand theory Middle-range theory Nursing practice theory Clinical scholarship Empirical indicators Domain Caring Environment Persons Health Syntactical structure Conceptual structure Specialized language Tradition Values and beliefs Practice-level theory Nursing process Objectives On completion of this chapter, students will be able to: 1. Compare and contrast definitions of nursing. 2. Describe the usefulness of theory to everyday practice. 3. Identify four phenomena of interest to nursing. 4. Name the primary purpose of nursing theory. 5. Describe characteristics of nursing as a discipline. 6. Discuss the importance of conceptualizing nursing as a discipline of knowledge. 7. Compare and contrast definitions of nursing theory. Outline What Is Nursing? Problems with Defining Nursing by Process, Functions, or Activities The Discipline of Nursing Expression of Human Imagination Domain Syntactical and Conceptual Structures Specialized Language and Symbols Heritage of Literature and Networks of Communication Tradition Values and Beliefs Systems of Education Definitions of Nursing Theory As a General Term As an Organizing Structure Definitions from Other Disciplines Definitions Used in Nursing Practice, Education, Administration, or Research The Purpose of Theory in a Professional Discipline Structure Further Development and Understanding of Nursing Practice Multidisciplinary Collaboration The Structure of Knowledge in the Discipline of Nursing Paradigm Grand Theories and Conceptual Models Middle-Range Theories Practice-Level Theories Nursing Theory and the Future Continuing Evolution of the Discipline of Nursing Use in Education Use in Health Care Organizations Expanded Use of Theory Summary References Questions for Classroom Discussion 1. Before taking this class, what was your definition of nursing? 2. How does knowledge become “nursing knowledge”? 3. What does the term “language of nursing” mean to you? Identify practice examples in which use of the “language of nursing” can be explicated. 4. What is your understanding of the statement “Nursing is a discipline”? Multiple-Choice Questions (Answers appear in bold) 1. Every discipline has a unique focus that directs inquiry and distinguishes it from other fields of study. A. True B. False 2. The purpose of theory is to: A. Explain experience B. Describe relationships C. Project outcomes D. All of the above 3. Members of a community of scholars share a commitment to all of the following except: A. Values B. Knowledge C. Geographic location D. Processes 4. and structures are essential to any discipline and are inherent in nursing theories. A. Paradigm and metaparadigm B. Syntactical and conceptual C. Middle and grand D. Language and symbol 5. Books and periodicals are examples of . A. Communication networks B. Heritage of literature C. Nursing organizations D. Nursing discipline 6. Theories are not discovered in nature but are human inventions A. True B. False 7. The basic building blocks of theories are: A. Concepts and their definitions B. Statements of relationships C. Concepts and statements of relationships D. Empirical indicators 8. Nursing theories: A. Are discovered in nature. B. Serve as exact representations of reality. C. Are invented by humans. D. Cannot be modified. 9. A paradigm is defined as a: A. Worldview B. General framework C. Shared perspectives held by members of a discipline D. All of the above 10. Science generally evolves as a smooth, regular, continuing path of knowledge development over time. A. True B. False 11. The dependence of nursing theory development on human imagination is an attribute of nursing as a(n): A. Occupation B. Discipline C. Vocation D. Profession 12. The primary purpose of nursing theory is to: A. Structure nursing knowledge. B. Demonstrate creativity in nursing. C. Guide the thinking about, being, and doing of nursing. D. Organize nursing curricula. 13. The first nursing theorist who identified the importance of theory in nursing was: A. Virginia Henderson B. Hildegard Peplau C. Lydia Hall D. Florence Nightingale 14. Early nursing theorists relied on definitions of theory from nursing practice to guide the development of theories within nursing. A. True B. False 15. The most abstract level of knowledge is: A. Paradigm B. Metaparadigm C. Theory D. Concept 16. Statements of enduring values or beliefs are considered: A. Conceptual Models B. Philosophies C. Grand Theories D. Practice Theories 17. Theories that include specific concepts, are broad enough to be useful in complex situations, and can be empirically tested are called: A. Grand Theories B. Middle-Range Theories C. Practice-Level Theories D. Nursing Theories 18. Theories that have the most limited scope and level of abstraction that are useful in within a specific range of nursing situations are called: A. Grand Theories B. Middle-Range Theories C. Practice-Level Theories D. Nursing Theories 19. The name for the boundaries or focus of a discipline is: A. Imagination B. Domain C. Tradition D. Value 20. The best test of any nursing theory is its usefulness in professional practice. A. True B. False [Show More]

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