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PDHPE Exam Revision 2022/2023 Graded A+

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How can you tell if a person is about to or having a heart attack? - ANSWER Chest discomfort, cold sweat, nausea, light-headed, shortness of breath, weakness of certain body parts What should you d... o if a person next to you suddenly makes a strange sound then falls to the ground unconscious, lying stiffly on their back fora few seconds, then jerking violently? - ANSWER Stay with person and time the seizure, protect their head from injury, roll them into recovery position (on their side) after jerking stops or immediately if they have anything in mouth. DO NOT put anything in their mouth, restrain them, move person, apply CPR. You see a middle-aged man suddenly become distressed. He appears to be choking and points to his throat. He cannot speak and is becoming blush in color. What should you do? - ANSWER Bend patient forward, deliver 5 back blows, it that doesn't work give 5 chest thrusts, if blockage is still present call 000. Repeat until help arrives. DO NOT apply CPR, make them talk, get them to lie down, use your hands Whilst cooking dinner, your friend accidentally places their hand on a hot stove top and burns themselves? What's the best thing to do? - ANSWER DRSABCD treatment, rinse burnt area under cool water, cover burn with non-stick sterile dressing. DO NOT ice, immediately apply ointment, apply hot water. You come across a car accident and the driver is still in her seatbelt, crying in pain and holding her neck? She complains of tingling in her fingers and toes. What should you do? - ANSWER DRSABCD treatment, keep person still, place heavy towels on both sides of neck, prevent movement, call 000. DO NOT move the person What do you do if a child has fallen from their bike and is complaining of a sore wrist. Upon inspection you see a bump. What should you do? - ANSWER Get an ice pack wrapped in cloth and place on injured area, support and elevate the wrist by using some form of sling, Contact parent of child or 000. Someone you know, who is a diabetic and takes insulin, starts to become confused, slur their words and stagger as they walk. What should you do? - ANSWER Get the individual some form of sugar, call 000 if symptoms persist. Whilst playing a game of soccer, your friend slips on the ball and rolls her ankle. What is the best thing to do? - ANSWER Follower RICER treatment. DO NOT move or massage ankle. What does RICER stand for? - ANSWER Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral What are the signs and symptoms of a burn? - ANSWER severe pain, shock, raw skin, blisters What is the treatment plan for a burn? - ANSWER DRSABCD treatment, Put out burning, Rinse burnt area in cool water, cover burn with non stick sterile dressing. What are the signs and symptoms of a snake bite? - ANSWER pain, stinging, burning, anxiety, nausea, breathing difficulties, paralysis, problems swallowing What is the treatment plan for a snake bite? - ANSWER DRSABCD treatment, apply pressure and an immobilisation bandage, keep person still and calm What are the signs and symptoms of shock? - ANSWER confusion, loss of consciousness, sweating, rapid breathing, weak pulse What is the treatment plan for shock? - ANSWER DRSABCD treatment, Keep warm & comfortable, DO NOT GIVE FOOD OR DRINK, encourage to rest and stay still What are the signs and symptoms of asthma attack? - ANSWER coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing What is the treatment plan for an asthma attack? - ANSWER sit person upright, give 4 separate puffs of blue/grey reliever puffer, wait 4 minutes, call 000 if there is no improvement What are the signs and symptoms of a laceration? - ANSWER visible tear in skin, bleeding, severe pain What is the treatment plan for laceration? - ANSWER Wash hands, stop bleeding, elevate wound, clean the wound, apply antibiotic, call 000 if needed What are the signs and symptoms of a sprain? - ANSWER swelling, loss of power, discolouration, bruising, What is the treatment plan for a sprain - ANSWER RICER What are the signs and symptoms of a broken leg? - ANSWER pain, swelling,deformity, inability to walk Treatment plan for broken leg - ANSWER remove clothing from injured area, apply ice pack wrapped in cloth, keep limb in position it was found, place a splint on leg, call ambulance What are the signs and symptoms of choking? - ANSWER clutching throat, coughing, wheezing, gagging, body turning blue, difficulty speaking treatment plan for choking - ANSWER bend patient forward, 5 sharp back blows, 5 chest thrusts, Call 000 if blockage remains [Show More]

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